Why is Song Mixing an Important Part of Music Recording?

Music that we hear finally is achieved after rounds of audio mixes, mastering, and most importantly, tracking. It might seem irrelevant to the human ear but the importance of mixing in the world of song recording is immense. When the mix is tuned perfectly, it gives rise to the song that seems even better with it. There are several aspects to mix a song and each part holds individual importance, that, once coming together can do wonders. Here are listed the aspects:

EQ or Equalization

This is done to eliminate the muddy sound that rises on the usage of multiple instruments together. This step ensures every frequency of all the instruments used to reach a similar stage that makes them sound similar. A good mixing engineer knows how to control and eliminate an instrument’s unnecessary highs, lows, mids, and other ranges that come in between to reach to a stage of clear EQ. The knowledge and application of EQ can boost or cut the emphasis of a certain instrument in a particular song.


The stereo spectrum requires each instrument to be placed on meticulously and panning is the process that ensures this step is getting done efficiently. Mostly the songs get pre-recorded and eventually get played consecutively in the stereo field that helps the engineer place the volumes perfectly. The instruments are likely panned in the perfect spectra which enhances the clarity of the song’s volume liberating through the left and right speakers.


Even though every guitarist record with the effects in the first place, it is the mixing procedure that adds the extra effects a song demands. The reverbs, compressions, delays, or other effects are added in this very step and this is what brings a difference to the outcome. The dull and lifeless now seems lush and complete. The quality processors available for mixing produce great results that are otherwise unanticipated.


This necessarily forms the last step of the automation process that checks on few important last-minute checklists. The panning, volume checks, or other essential effects are checked here. The engineer makes sure to dilute the pans and fades of a track subtly within it to not make the mixing process sound too obvious.

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