Why Drain Your Pockets For Unblocking Drains? Get The Professionals For Once!

An old drain can pose problems after problems, making you feel as though you’ve been caught in a never-ending series of expenses. Luckily, with trenchless repair technology making its way through the door, you no longer have to empty out your pockets on something as dreadful as unblocking or patching up burst drain pipes.

Trenchless repairs offer a comprehensive relining of the drain that gives it fresh capacity and durability. By virtue of it being trenchless, it also saves you time and the expense of cutting through concrete and re-constructing it.

How Trenchless Repairs Are Made

  • The first step in repairing your pipe is conducting a video inspection. Professionals at The Relining Company are equipped with apt skills for running a camera down the drain and inspecting damages. By evaluating what they see on the CCTV screens set up in their vans, they formulate their next step.

  • Video inspection allows professionals to determine the cause of damage and identify cracks, intrusions, and protruding parts. The trenchless liner relies on video inspections a great deal for the lining to be carried out with ease and efficiency. It also makes sure any structural faults are thoroughly examined. Once the problem is identified, professionals use a high-pressure jet to clear out any obstructions and debris. This helps remove blockages/clogs and prepare the drain for further correction.

  • In the case of pipe damage, you could reline the liner. A flexible tube covered with resin is pulled through the pipe and inflated using compressed air. This is then left to dry and harden for several overs, preferably 24 hours. Once the resin solidifies, it forms a pipe within a pipe. The lining doesn’t account for much width reduction, perhaps a quarter inch at the most.

  • This doesn’t affect the diameter of the pipe. Towards the end of the process, professionals re-insert the robotic camera inside the pipeline to make sure the broken areas are repaired. The entire process doesn’t take more than 1 or 2 days maximum; however, the extent of the damage may affect the time frame for repairs.

  • Majority of homeowners prefer recliners due to their unique ability to preserve the existing landscaping, patio, and the deck of homeowners. Understandably, there is much baggage of disruption and hefty expense that comes along the traditional method of replacing pipes. Having the whole yard dug up and slabs of concrete cut out just to access the problematic area is a headache you would want to avoid at any cost. Not to mention, there are endless costs associated with this digging up method.

  • Trench repairs, on the other hand, have proven to be cost-effective, less exhausting and time-consuming. Trenchless procedures vary depending on material prices, soil type and depth. Your professional service providers will determine whichever trenchless material is suited to your drain pipe. Trenchless repairs are an efficient and long term solution to sewage problems.

  • When your sewer undergoes damages, it is better to act before the damage is no longer reversible. One of the most common problems drains face is tree roots growing within and causing either a pipe burst or obstruction that prevents the smooth flow of water. Seeking a timely repair ensures proper service is restored and minimizes the chances for an invasive repair.

  • Trenchless manages to connect the home and the sewer without uprooting your landscape but if your sewer line is badly broken and distorted, some digging up may be required. This is why it is important to pay attention to any signs indicating a possible sewer malfunction. You can have professionals inspect your sewer system and employ fixtures, sparing you some hefty repairs.

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