Where Can I Order the Best Lily Flowers in Singapore?

We are going to talk about one of the most popular and prettiest types of flower. This queen of blossoms can be found in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. With a variety of colors, you can use this lovely bulb for various purposes or events. For example, as a gift for a loved one, an expression of sympathy for a bereaved colleague, or a prayer for those closest to you to recover quickly from the illness they have suffered. Some people believe it is herbal medicine for some diseases too.

The lily flower is dubbed the queen of the garden by plant lovers, because of its fragrant fragrance and beautiful color. The beauty of this plant has even been famous since ancient Greece.

The white Lilium is a symbol of the World Scout Organization. The symbol of WOSM (World Organization of Scout Movement) used by Baden Powell, the ‘Father of the World Scouts,’ consists of the image of a ‘fleur-de-lis’ or also known as a lily with three points, a compass, two stars, circled by a dead knotted rope with a purple background color. The bond at the base of ‘Fleur-de-lis’ itself symbolizes the family of Scouting.

Let’s find the origin of this beautiful flora, get to know its beautiful appearance, know its various uses, how to grow it yourself, and where you can order the best of them in this article.

The history

In 1580 BC, a picture of these pretty blooms was found in a villa in Kret. These elegant plants have played a long role in old mythology. Derived from the Greek word “Leiron”, it is generally assumed to refer to the white Madonna species.

According to ancient Greek myth, it all begins when the god Zeus fell in love with an Earth woman named Alceme and gave birth to a son who was named Hercules. Therefore, Hercules was taken to heaven so that Hera, Zeus’s wife, can breastfeed him.

Zeus thought that his wife would not want to breastfeed the baby. So Hera was sedated to sleep. Without realizing it, Hera breastfeeding him, but because the drug’s effect runs out, Hera awoke and was shocked. Hercules woke up from his sleep, and Hera accidentally threw Hercules to the earth.

Because of this, Hera’s milk gushed up to the sky and earth. The part that gushed to the sky turned into a star which we called the Milky Way Galaxy now, while the milk that gushed at earth turned into the very first lily flower that grew on earth.


Lili or Lilium is the Latin form of ‘Leirion’ and has been known since Ancient Greece. Lilium is a genus of the Liliaceae family. This tribe has more than 240 clans and more than 3000 species. It is shaped like a trumpet with wide and long leaves, thin and stiff stalks in several types, and a wide variety of colors, including white, red, yellow, pinks, oranges, and purples. The tepals are separated from each other and have something we called nectary at each flower’s base. This plant can grow quite high, about 60 cm to 180 cm. For certain species, such as the Tiger Lily, there are black spots on its orange petals. Some have markings that look like brush strokes too.

This plant will certainly stand out from the other blooms in the garden due to its tall shape. Of course, quality lilies are bright and fresh in color and can last a long time to be placed in a vase.

Various uses of the Lilies

Chinese people believe that the said flowers are a symbol of healing, so they often bring this blooms bouquet as a flower to express their sorrow and comfort those who are hurt. According to their culture, they are believed to help a lot in recovering anxiety or depression. The Chinese like to eat dried bulbs. The bulbs are used as food decorations or make vegetable dishes.

In addition, this plant can be used as natural herbal ingredients for body health, such as:

  • Increase stamina
  • Stops bleeding from wounds
  • Treating myopia
  • Increase the strength of the body muscles
  • Cure sore throat or heartburn

If you boil the plant’s roots or bulbs into a tea, it can treat stomach problems and fevers and help ladies throughout labor. Throughout the sixteenth century, herbalists would steep some lilies species and use them as a remedy for gout.

As a gift, of course, you can choose from a wide range of species that existed. If you want to give this beautiful plant as a gift for your colleagues, consider choosing a pink bulb or a stargazer lily as a symbol of support and ambition, while pale-colored blooms symbolize purity. Red lilies that symbolize passion and strength are suitable for a proposal event or anniversary gift. What if it’s meant for the sick? Choose the yellow one. But keep in mind, avoid giving bright orange type like the Tawny Daylily because this one buddy symbolizes pride and humiliation.

Liliums are one of the world’s most popular cut flowers, and they look beautiful in a vase. You can use it to bring some splendid and striking color not only to your landscape but also to your living room, study room, or bedroom. Remember, cutting a stem of Lilium will weaken the bulb and prevent re-blooming, so better plant extra lilies specifically for cutting.


Some types of Lilium are native to the Asian continent, which are known for the beauty of their flowers, both in terms of shape, color, and fragrance. They stretch from southern Canada to most of the United States. They are usually suitable for forest habitat, usually mountainous, and sometimes also suitable for grassland habitat. Some of the species survive in swamps, and some which are supported non-parasitically by another plant are also common in tropical Southeast Asia. Generally, suitable habitat for lilies is a habitat that contains balanced levels of acid or lime-free soil.

In general, lilies can grow well in places with 5-6 hours of sunshine/day in a slightly shaded place, but some types of this genus can thrive in open areas with full sun.

How to plant

If you have a gardening hobby, enjoy, and are interested in planting lilies that have the best color and quality, you can pay attention to the following. Seems like these bulbs would be tricky to grow, but they’re not!

  1. Lilium species can grow well throughout the year without much human intervention. This genus does not recognize the word “off-season”. However, you still need to choose your type because it’s variable in terms of heights, flower styles, and bloom time. Planting several types of lilies will let you be creative with their placements and pairings.
  2. This type of plant will grow faster and be beautiful if you plant it in groups. Place your Liliums in groups of 4 or 5 flowers and see how fast and pretty they grow.
  3. Give the plants sun and good soil, they will not tolerate soggy soil, but you can just have good garden soil.
  4. Although it is better to plant in groups, keep in mind that the Tiger-lily species are susceptible to Mosaic Virus. Mosaic Virus is harmless, but it can transmit the virus to Hybrid Lily flowers with extensive damage. This disease is not fatal, but it can ruin the beauty of the unique Lilium species.
  5. These flowers have a long life even though you have put them in a vase. As a cut flower, it can last 7-14 days. Therefore, these flowers are the perfect choice to decorate your home and workspace.
  6. Consider laying these flowers in the house if you have cats as your pets because Lilium is poisonous to cats.
  7. White and tiger lilies have a sweet fragrance, make this a consideration if you want to plant them.
  8. Lilies from seeds are more disease resistant. However, the growth is quite long, it can take about 5 years. Therefore, the one from the tubers is preferable.
  9. Avoid applying fertilizers with high nitrogen levels.
  10. This plant does not require watering every day, but when you do, make sure the water can reach the plant tubers.
  11. When your bulbs finish blooming, just snip off the flowers using scissors and leave the main stem intact.

Best kinds of Lily

From Oriental to Asiatic ones, these choices would add a magnificent color and unique fragrance to your garden, combined or single.

Forever Susan Asiatic Lily

   Forever Susan is bold and beautiful with vivid orange and burgundy hues, highlighted with bright gold. They are one of the earliest lilies species to bloom too. It’s easy to grow and good for cut flowers.

Turk’s Cap Lily

   As a European native, this species adds exotic sensation to any perennial garden and blooms in early Summer. Although it can be slow to establish, it can be topped with almost 50 fragrant flowers once it matures. Moreover, this one can attract swallowtail butterflies too, adding a more unique effect to your garden.

Magic Star Double Oriental Lily

We love this for what it brings to our landscape in mid-summer, with its unique look, resembling pink fireworks. Its petals are stripped in red, with a white edge, and dotted with pretty crimson spots. Besides, Magic Star is super fragrant and very long-lasting as a cut flower.

Regale Trumpet Lily

   Introducing this showstopper, deeply perfumed species of Lilium. This one can grow very tall, up to 8 feet, but commonly between 3 to 5 feet. If you want colossal-sized plants, feed them annually with compost and water them in dry spells.

Tiger Moon Lily

   Originally named Yellow Tiger, it’s another form of common Tiger Lily. This one has yellow centers and maroon spots or specks. It’s exceptionally fragrant and long-lasting as a cut flower too.

Stargazer Oriental Lily

   It was introduced almost 40 years ago but remained one of the most popular Lilium species in cultivation because of its splendid blend of crimson, white, and pink, with some bright red small spots on its petals. It’s easy to plant, even for a beginner too.

Yelloween Orienpet Lily

   This Lilium was developed in the Netherlands as a superb cut flower that can stand even in cooler temperatures. It’s one of the most striking lilies with bright yellow petals. Once established, Yelloween can reach 8 feet heights, and there are 10 to 15 blooms per stem.

Silk Road Orienpet Lily

Orienpets are a cross between trumpet and oriental types. Silk Road has a powerful aroma and stunning color combination. It is an outstanding selection with white blossoms and red throats, Silk Road can grow from 4 to 6 feet tall.

Lollypop Asiatic Lily

Sweet as candy with its white and cherry-pink petals is the Lollipop. This stocky plant can grow from 2 to 3 feet tall in early summer. This one is also considered easy to plant and thrive well.

But of course, to enjoy the beauty of this unique bulb or share the beauty of them with those around you, you don’t have to plant it yourself. If you are not a person who has a gardening hobby, you can buy these beautiful blooms at the nearest flower shop.

As one of the most popular blooms, many shops provide various types of lilies with multiple qualities. Some have to be purchased on the spot, some offer delivery services directly to your home. Some shops provide only lilies that are commonly sold and sold in the market. Some stores sell a wide variety of Lilium species for you to choose from.

If you want the best quality of lilies in a fast and convenient way, you can select and order one via gift delivery Singapore to have it sent to your home right away. We’ll make sure you will get the prettiest ones as a gift for your loved ones!

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