What is Be The Best Time To Switch Your Health Insurance Cover?

In modern days, life uncertainties can land you in deep troubles. Poor health can often lead to lots of issues in life. Fortunately, health insurance policies are available to help us deal with the rising cost of medical treatment. They are also known as medi-claim, and it is something that everyone needs to have. After the age of 50, various diseases can lead you to run to health centers frequently and pay huge bills. Even if you have a health insurance cover, you may have to bear certain costs all the time. However, in case of some significant issues, it is better to go for the insurance, but you make sure that your insurance company can help you in settling the claim. Hence, first of all, one needs to know what your company covers all under health insurance.

The signals you need to change your health cover

At different times the medical condition of a person varies. One needs to know his insurance policy thoroughly, and in case of variation, he needs to switch over the cover also. The switch over is possible in two ways, which are the change in coverage and change of service provider.

  • The diseases: Every insurance company has certain norms about different diseases. One needs to know abouttheircurrent medical situation and check if they are going to have the much-needed financial protection against the medical conditions which they might face in the years to come. In case one finds the coverage is not enough, then the person needs to either go for a better coverage plan or move to another service provider.
  • The severity: With age, the human body also has to face chronic diseases, and hence with the increase of the same, one needs to have better coverage of insurance. One needs to discuss the same with the insurance company, and if the person is not able to get more coverage, it is better to move to a change of service provider.
  • Change in the policy of the company: Many times, insurance companies change their policies. If you have initially purchaseda cashless policy only to find that after a few months or years it has been converted to non-cashless, you may need to change the same immediately. Many policy changes may occur and affect your coverage. In such a case, you must change the service provider as the primary reason may be drastically affected.
  • Follow up of better health plans: In case you have developed some good habits, or due to any treatment, a specific disease is no longer going to affect you; you can ask the insurance company to have a better plan or lower premium. The company may notify or ask you for specific tests for further process. After considering your medical checkup, they can offer you a better plan or reduce your premium. In case it does not consider these factors, it is time for you to seek the portability of your health insurance service provider.
  • Change in habits: Your insurance coverage is offered you keeping several factors in mind, such as smoking and drinking habits. If you have left these habits, you may update the insurance service provider and ask for the benefits that you need to have due to better health and reduced risk to the insurance company. The service provider may take it into account and offer you a better plan or reduce your premium. If the service provider does not consider these factors, you must take it as a signal to change the service provider.
  • New plans: Many times, the companies launch new plans that may be better than the old one. In case you find any such plan and want to migrate to it, you can check the details first. If the new policy is better and the service provider allows the migration of policy, you can go for it. The same rule applies to the launching of plans from other service providers also.
  • A better option from other service providers: If you find that your insurance service provider offers a plan which is not that useful compared to the competitors, you can migrate to other service providers. The same can be the case if there is any ambiguity in policy or poor customer service. In the market, you can check various health insurance schemes from different service providers, and if you think there are better options available, you can surely move to them.
  • When there is a change in treatment: Medical science develops new treatments frequently. If there is a particular treatment you want to go for, and the insurance service provider does not admit the same under the policy, it is time for you to migrate to another service provider. There are also some devices and type of coverage excluded by the company which you may need to go for. In such a case, also it becomes essential for you to change the service provider.

While changing the service provider, you need to first have a better service provider in its place so that you are not left with any protection. The terms and conditions, as well as your medical requirements, must be shared clearly with the new service provider in advance. If he is ready for the same and offers you a better deal, you can migrate from your present service provider to the next one. The new service provider might also ask you to have your tests done, and they would also ask for the policy documents of the past service provider for its record. In case of the absence of both of these, he may reject your application for a new policy also.

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