What is a marked deck for gambling and its history?

marked decks of cards in gambling

Marked cards are a very common and very easy way to cheat in a poker game, but nowadays there is a security measure taken to avoid such things.

They have introduced an infrared camera to check if a table is playing with marked cards and that table which has the game will be stopped, and players are told to go away.

There is also a security scanning device at the entrance of a casino that can detect if a person is wearing a contact lens.

This can help the casino owner and security to find out the people who are mainly wearing a contact lens for cheating or they have some genuine reason.

History of marked cards

Traditional way

This is a very old technique that was used in those days when technology was not that much in the picture as it was just invented.

At that time the people did not know how they can mark cards with special ink and see it with only a special lens.

The traditional method was that the cards had a particular design in which they were printed and that person ordering was given a list of markings.

These markings were the ones that would tell a player about which cards have what number or a special face card.

This type of cheating was also caught as the line on the same company’s normal cards and made cards were different, so they had banned this.

Invisible ink cards

This is the new technique and has been launched when the technology was at its peak in the year 2016 when many things were being invented.

These included several machines, smartphones, tablets, PC, laptops, etc. Other things were also made, which would help people in their daily chores.

The new style of marking cards is used up to date as they are continuously making changes to these cards so that they can avoid any detection of a pattern.

As those cards that are caught can be traced back to those companies that had created them, every company has a different formula for the ink used.

How you can see these marked with ink on cards is through a special lens that has been created by the same company so that you can see all markings.

But a person should be careful at all times when they are cheating as the new anti-cheat device and cameras have led to the ban on certain players.

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Marked cards are a very common kind of cheating technique, and you can easily find them anywhere on the internet.

The most important trick to buy a good company card is that you should research the company and also check reviews which will give you an idea.

This is also called the method of checking and selecting which is not followed by many and is an effective decision.

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