Want to Avoid Accidents on The Construction Site? Wear These Safety Gears

Accidents due to machinery at construction sites are a common factor. Failure to prevent such accidents spoil the image of a company and lead to costly claims for personal injury compensations.  Before the start of any project, inspect the site and perform a risk assessment of the tasks that would be carried out.

Try to implement preventive measures to protect workers health and safety. This process should be done in the presence of all staff to ensure they understand the importance of safety and get to learn the protective gears that are installed at every site.

Nowadays, therefore, many construction sites are giving prime focus to safety and it is regarded as one of the most important aspects of modern construction management today. To get to know all the latest safety wears and protective gears of modern times you can visit website and try to implement it in your workplace. Adhering to all safety laws, by all means, will initiate and contribute to the support necessary to keep the site operational at all times.

To make safety an integral part of the operations of each construction site all the managerial staff and employees of the firm should understand the safety program that is developed to suit the particular hazards.

Some common hazards are:


  • Entrapment of any part of the body caught in the moving parts of a machine

  • Impact of the moving parts of equipment that are being crushed or by other items being processed by a machine

  • Workers any part of the body getting contact with sharp edges, hot parts or live electrical items

  • Entanglement of any clothing, hair or jewellery caught in parts of a machine

  • Ejection of parts or objects flying out or off machines and hitting any worker

To protect the staff from these types of hazards at workplace or construction sites personal protective equipment and clothing are introduced which are as follows: –

  • Hard Hat or Helmet

Hard hat or helmet is issued to each and every worker working on site and it has to be worn all times at the job site.

  • Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are required at the construction site because of debris and dust in the air.

  • Hand Protection Gloves

Hand gloves are supplied to protect against cuts when handling material or equipment’s, during cleaning operations or cutting metal studs.

  • Safety Vests

Safety vests are provided to keep every staff always clear in view, even in the dark and he should be visible to everyone. They are being opted with different bright colours like red, green, yellow so it’s easy for workers to see and locate each other.

  • Proper Clothing

Every employer should be reporting to duty with proper clothes consisting of shirts, long pants and hard sole shoes.

  • Hearing Protection

Hearing protection equipment is given to a worker who is using any type of tool or machinery which makes loud noises.

  • Respiratory Protection

At workplaces where there is a need for additional comfort or safety while working with fibreglass, fireproofing, cleaning the floors or handling debris certain respiratory protection is provided by a construction company.

  • Face shields

For workers dealing with fabrication job work or operating a grinder a full-face shield along with safety glasses is provided on-site and even an approved welding shield is given during all welding operations.

  • Safety Harness

Employers working at high structure areas are provided Full body safety harness to be used as a procedure for fall protection system. It can keep one safe and is helpful in freeing the hands for work even while hanging on the side of a building.

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