Type of Compensation You Can Expect after a Slip and Fall Accident in Houston     

Houston is the fourth most populous city in the USA, with a population of around 7 million. In Texas, property owners have to ensure the safety of their property. 

Your safety may be endangered due to the negligence of the property owner. If you slip and fall within someone else’s premises, the owner may be liable for your injuries. You can protect your right to compensation with the help of a Houston slip and fall lawyer.

Post a slip and fall accident in Houston, you may receive compensation for the following:

Lost Wages 

If you sustain any injuries from a slip and fall accident, you can recover the number of wages that you have lost. The property owner can pay you the amount that you would have otherwise made if you worked. 

A loss wages claim can include adding the work that you missed. Then it may multiply with your hourly rates. You can also include any lost overtime dues if you tend to work overtime regularly.

If you are missing out on any of your bonuses, you may claim for its compensation. You may require to show documents of your past bonuses for this claim. 

Medical Bills

You can receive compensation for your medical bills for the injuries from your slip and fall accident. After the conclusion of your medical treatment, you will know the complete extent of your damages. The Texan Department of Health and Human Services reports that 36,337 senior citizens suffer from slip and fall accidents.

Your attorney will prepare a damage package to fight your case. They will include all your medical and hospital bills in it. You can also claim money for these bills from your insurance coverage. Your lawyer will ensure that you get the fair amount that you are entitled to. 

Future Treatment

The Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code (CPRC) may give you up to two years to file a civil lawsuit in case of injuries. Many seek to claim compensations for past and present losses. However, you may also be eligible to acquire compensation for your future medical bills.

It can be tricky to prove this claim to the court. You need a good Houston slip and fall lawyer to help you receive the money for these future costs. 

Based on the extent of injuries, you may be eligible to recover the below costs:

  • Future nursing or medical care
  • Future surgeries
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescription medication

Pain and Suffering

Most of the workplace fatalities may be due to slip and fall accidents. It results in tremendous pain and suffering to the injured. Pain and suffering because of injury can include pain arising from any physical damage to your body. It can also include mental anguish such as depression. 

You may be eligible to receive money as compensation for these damages. However, it can be tricky to get a fair amount. An experienced slip and fall attorney can help you to file the right claims. 

Slip and fall accidents may be due to the negligence of the property owner. You need to be aware of your legal rights in such instances. With the guidance of a slip and fall lawyer in Houston, you may expect to receive the above compensations.

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