Trading techniques to sell more

Primarily, every day, we make several deals and try to sell things. From a product to an idea or an argument, we need to convince others that we are right about a particular subject. Therefore, we make use of trading techniques, sometimes without even realizing it.

In addition, we also fall prey to smart dealers at all times. We buy and believe in ideas that sell us around. We give in to arguments from parents, children and spouses.

It is impossible to deny that trading is part of people’s lives! But how do you make tradings that are favorable and not get carried away by the most persuasive and favor your business ?

So, with this objective we decided to create this post with some techniques to negotiate better. Above all, they are simple strategies that will help you make more sales – for higher values ​​- close deals and influence people in your daily relationships.

No more losing sales due to lack of trading techniques! Lets go to what matters?

Essential trading techniques

Above all, whether in your personal or professional life, knowing trading techniques can be the key to achieving better results. Therefore, people who work directly with clients must explore the best and most efficient trading strategies to achieve the goal of taking advantage of all opportunities.

Eventually, the good news is that anyone can become a great negotiator by following some specific tips. For this, there are numerous trading techniques that can be applied in the most diverse situations of day to day and yield great results.

Below, you can check the best ones!

Study the product and the customer

Knowledge is power. So, before starting a trading, it is important that there is consistent planning . Good salespeople are those who know their product well: characteristics, benefits and differentials.

Therefore, it is also recommended to carry out a previous study regarding the client. According to this survey, it will be possible to answer questions such as: what does he hope to achieve with the trading? Also, what are your expectations and your purchase budget? So, these are just some of the questions that can be answered before the meeting.

This is considered one of the main and most basic trading techniques that exists. Therefore, when the seller knows your product and your customer, the chances of being surprised during the trading are less.

In addition, being one step ahead allows the negotiator to have a much greater margin during the conversation.

Listen to your customer

Primarily, the convincing process is much easier and more effective when there is intimacy and closeness between the parties. Therefore, a common mistake during trading is for the seller to start talking about the characteristics and qualities of the product, without listening to what the potential buyer has to say.

Likewise, when we stop to truly listen to each other, we create an atmosphere of trust and security. In addition, the other person fails to perceive the conversation as a simple sale, but as a true and human experience.

Therefore, having empathy during the trading stimulates the decision to purchase the product or service offered.

Focus on sales

Listening to the customer is important, but there is no need to act like a close friend. It is important to keep your focus on selling, even if you need to be more incisive at some point. Therefore, objectivity is one of the most profitable recipes for maximizing profits.

Eventually, when the salesperson is friendly, he manages to attract the customer. That is why, from that moment on, it is interesting to make clear the purpose of the trading, without half-words or many roundabouts. Therefore, focusing on the solution to the problem is an excellent idea.

After all, they are both there for the same interests, right?

Make concessions at the right time

Above all, one of the most applied techniques for successful tradings is to make concessions. This strategy is based on the assumption that the best agreement is one that generates benefits for all parties involved. Therefore, when the seller is willing to give up something, the customer gets closer and can decide.

But it is important that concessions are smart and made at the right time. So, a powerful tip is to start the conversation by showing a higher price, in the case of the sale, or with a lower proposal, in the case of the purchase.

Thus, at the right time, the seller or buyer lowers their expectations, giving up part of the value or offering that extra percentage in their proposal.

Generally, the concession is made when the customer shows doubt, but with indications that he wants to carry out the transaction.

Be patient

Some tradings can take a few minutes and others can take several hours or many days. In summary, everything will depend on the level of complexity, the value involved and the customer in question.

To give you an idea, in the book Sonho Grande , which tells the story of great entrepreneurs like Jorge Paulo Lemann, the author shows behind the scenes of tradings like the one with Anheuser-Busch, maker of the Budweiser beer, which took years to materialize .

Eventually, as many entrepreneurs lack the financial stamina and patience to endure lengthy tradings, they despair in the midst of trading for being exhausted or resigned.

Therefore, one of the premises of a trading is to have patience and focus, to know the right time to end it.

Moments of stress, sudden changes in behavior and unintelligent concessions, out of sheer desperation, can turn a potential trading into a failed experience. So it is important to be resilient and show patience.

In summary, even if your business is not – yet – the size of AmBev, you will always be able to do better tradings, which will allow you to obtain more time, savings in resources and other benefits. And, of course, this also applies to your life.

These are the main techniques that can be used to generate more sales. They are suitable for any type of trading, from business to those that happen on a daily basis, with friends and family. Aware of that, we hope they will help you to prosper even more!

Always keep in mind that the best deals are those where there are no losers; everyone involved wins in some way.

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