Top Frameworks for custom web software development

Framework eases the task of the development companies by offering a structure for custom web software development. It helps in automating the execution of joint solutions, cutting down time and permitting the developers to concentrate more on the application logic rather than routine stuff. Here are some of the best PHP frameworks which will prove useful to expert backend developers.

PHP is one of the most famous and trending programming languages used by developers these days. It is the essence of server side scripting and is responsible for the expansion of the technological areas such as web development and IoT. The simple reason behind it its unique syntax which separates it from the other programming language of the IT sector. It is highly recommended for beginners as well as professional developers. Some of the top PHP frameworks which developers love to use are given below:

  1. Laravel: It is a free and open source PHP framework which helps in the development of web apps. It follows the MVC architectural pattern and works just like Symfony. It endeavors its best to take away the pain from development by simplifying the common jobs used in the maximum number of web projects such as authentication, caching, routing as well as sessions. Custom laravel programming has been the base of several top notch websites across the world.
  2. CodeIgniter: It is an open source software development framework to create dynamic websites. CodeIgniter offers out of the box libraries to connect to the database and perform several operations such as sending mails, managing sessions as well as uploading files. A codeigniter web framework development company is renowned to offer exemplary web development services because of the amazing benefits of this framework.
  3. Symfony: It is a PHP based framework decked with reusable PHP libraries. It was released in 2005 under the MIT license. It is a famous application framework and is used to create high-end complicated web applications.
  4. CakePHP: It is an open source PHP framework which runs on the MVC approach. It was released under the MIT license. It is a free rapid development PHP framework taking monotony out of web software development.
  5. Yii: It is an object-oriented, open source, MVC PHP framework. It is a high performing component based framework used to develop large scale websites quickly. It offers highest reusability in web development and can effortless enhance your web software development procedure.


Though you have so many PHP web software development frameworks present but it is important to remember that every frame has its own set of pros and cons. And, every development company has different preferences and coding style. Hence a development company analyzes every frame in accordance with the requisition of the task and chooses the framework which suits the project in the best possible way. The above mentioned list is the most commonly used frameworks for backend web application. Consult a custom web software development company and discuss which one will be feasible for your project.


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