Top 5 Eicher Tractors in India

Eicher Tractors is among the oldest and the top brands in the country. It is a reputed company that is trusted globally. Its tractors are designed with the best-in-class technology, have versatile features, and offer high value for money. Here are the top five models from Eicher Tractors to choose from. 

  • EICHER 368

It comes with advanced features that make it easy to control. The 38HP tractor has a powerful 2945CC engine with three cylinders. The fuel tank has a capacity of 45 liters. Moreover, the machine has eight forward and two reverse gears. Priced at approximately INR 5.30 lakh, this tractor is durable and reliable.

  • EICHER 242

The 25HP tractor is useful for cultivation and comes with a one-cylinder, 1557CC engine. It has a single clutch, and you have the option to choose from dry disc or oil-immersed brakes. It is priced at INR 3.85 lakh, which makes it easily affordable for most farmers, especially with tractor finance. The model has a 35-liter fuel tank capacity and is equipped with eight forward and two backward gears. 

  • EICHER 548

This is a 48HP tractor with a 2945CC engine that consumes less fuel and delivers high performance. It has dual-clutch power steering, 45-liter fuel tank capacity, and eight forward and two reverse gears. Priced between INR 6.10 lakh and INR 6.40 lakh, you can avail of a tractor loan online to buy this model easily.

  • EICHER 557

The 3300CC, three-cylinder, 50HP tractor has immersed brakes with multi-plate oil for a tight grip and low slippage. It comes with a single or dual-clutch for smooth and easy functionality. With side shift synchromesh transmission and eight forward and two reverse gears, the EICHER 557 costs between INR 6.65 lakh and INR 6.90 lakh.

  • EICHER 485

It is a 45HP, three-cylinder, 2945CC engine model with an oil bath and water-cooled air filter. The fuel tank capacity of the tractor is 48 liters, and it has dual and single-clutch plates with eight forward and two reverse gears. It is available for INR 6.12 lakh.

It is needless to say that tractors make farming quicker, easier, and less cumbersome, which is why every farmer desires to own one. Purchasing it is no longer difficult, even when you do not have the entire amount available. Most banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) offer loans for different models from top brands like Eicher Tractors.

Institutions like Mahindra Finance provide flexible repayment terms and competitive tractor loan interest rates, making it convenient for you to buy one. The entire process is quick, simple, and hassle-free. You can repay the loan between three months and five years based on your financial situation. Moreover, they require minimal tractor loan documents, which include income proof, land ownership papers, and know-your-customer (KYC) documents. Visit the Mahindra Finance website to know more about these loans. 

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