Tips and Tools To Give Your Online Business A Competitive Edge

If you are running an online business; you are well aware that it is highly competitive. Just having an online store with a product display does not guarantee an inflow of orders and success. You constantly have to adapt to the changing environment, learn, optimize, test, and measure. 

Almost all the successful e-commerce businesses are constantly learning from their analytics, optimizing their websites, improving their customer experience, etc. that makes them what they are today. Even a simple step such as adding a call-to-action button on your website or making browsing more user-friendly can ensure that your standing in the market and among the users improve. 

To help all the existing and budding entrepreneurs of online businesses, we have come up with tips and tools to attract more customers, augment sales, and make a name for yourselves. 

  1. Reduce Online fraud: Online security should be your biggest concern when operating an e-commerce business. Whenever a customer visits your website, buys online gifts, and makes payment through the payment gateway, both you and the customers are at the risk of cybercrime and theft. And once a customer experiences cyber theft while ordering from your website, your reputation and credibility are at risk. Thus, customer safety, as well as of yours, should be a priority. Several tools are there, such as Cashshield that offers online businesses transaction and account security. Paypal is another software that provides credit and fraud protection. 
  2. Reduce Cart Abandonment: According to surveys, about 69% of online shoppers abandon products in their carts. If as an online business operator, you are facing the same problems; you have a chance to reduce cart abandonment and to grow your sales by alluring them to come back and make a purchase. How to do it? Carts Guru is one of the tools that helps you target the customers that added products to your cart but were reluctant to buy. This tool allows you to re-target them via SMS, emailers, and social media reminders that they left something and encourage them to make the final buy. Additionally, you can look for loopholes that lead to this situation, it could be more page load time, high pricing, bad visuals, etc. 
  3. Optimize and Analyze Content: Content is the king in digital marketing. However, not all content converts in sales. If you feel the same, you need to analyze and optimize your content. Look for the recent trends, such as what kind of content is catching attention, the latest keywords to use so that the rankings improve, how to structure the content, etc. For example, order chocolates online may have higher AMS than chocolates online, so you need to update your content with the high AMS keyword. You can use Ubersuggest for trending keywords and BuzzSumo for analyzing your content. 
  4. Improve Website Performance: AcGreat website is of no use if it does not convert visitors into customers. And if this happens, it means your website is underperforming. Maybe the payment gateway page has crashed or the page load time is higher than expected or any other reason. So, keep updating your website, make it bug-free and more user-friendly. Secondly, you can use a tool named Hotjar that tells you the click-behaviour, where the customer gets stuck, etc. 
  5. Personalise User Experiences: Every shopper that visits you has a different goal and expectations. Personalising shopper’s experience as per his or her taste is necessary and a way to gain competitive advantage. Segmentify is the tool that helps you personalize the customer’s experience. Another way to personalize customer experience is you can use geolocations,  send push notifications, start where the user left off, etc.

With all these tips and tools, you can improve your online business in terms of sales, customer engagement that will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. 

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