Things You Can Do For Making Your Grandparents Happy On Grandparent’s Day

Grandparents are like the sweeter side of our parents, and they are cute too!

We celebrate many different occasions and festivals with utmost zest and joy  but do we also celebrate Grandparents Day? 

If you have never celebrated Grandparents Day, then make it happen this year.

Here we bring many things that you can do to make your Grandparents happy on the special occasion. 

  • Write and recite a poem for your Grandparents and root your love in their hearts.
  • Hire a sketch artist and ask him/her to make a sketch of your Grandparents. After the sketch is complete, get it framed and hang in your room’s wall.  
  • Help your Grandma in her kitchen work and your granddad in his work.
  • With your Grandparents on the side, plant a tree in your backyard or somewhere near your house.
  • Take them for the monthly health check-up and let them feel your concern.
  • Surprise them a delicious cake. Get the cake delivered through an online cake delivery.
  • Gift them a beautiful Bonsai tree as it will keep the air around them fresh.
  • Take your grandparents for a movie outing and have like you do with your friends.
  • Host a party at home and invite good friends of your grandparents.
  • Buy a six-month flower subscription for them as flowers will bring calmness in their life.
  • Cook their favourite dish and feed them with your hands.
  • Get them a pair of comfy jogging shoes each and find time to jog with them every morning. 
  • If jogging is too much a task, then make them do Yoga and meditation.
  • Make them feel young again by booking a table in a restaurant for the date night.
  • Open the family photo album and walk down the memory lane with them.
  • Ask them about their mischiefs from their childhood.
  • Play indoor games like Ludo and Carrom Board with your Grandparents.
  • Make them learn to use gadgets like computers and mobile phones.
  • Surprise them by presenting a lovely greeting card having your hand-written heartfelt message inside.
  • Get a tattoo of their names on your hands and make them feel overwhelmed.
  • Take them on a long drive and enjoy it like a picnic.
  • Gift them a new pair of their favourite attire.
  • Talk with them about life and your future goals. It will make them feel respected and important.
  • Give them a hair massage and take off the stress.
  • Be a little frank and ask them about their love life.
  • Gift them a playlist of their favourite singer along with the music system.
  • For one time, let them cheat on their diet prescribed by the doctor. 
  • Make your hall a dance floor and make your Grandparent shake their legs with you.
  • Start paying more attention to them and start spending more time with them.
  • Thank them for always showering immense love on you.

Whatever you do, a cake celebration is a must! So, order the cake from a renowned bakery providing cake delivery in Mumbai, Nagpur, Karnal, or wherever they reside. 


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