The Truth About Marked Cards In Poker – READ HERE!

The ability to cheat and trick your opponent is the power of card labeling. Card labeling techniques are outdated, such as small information on the back of the cards, and pros are qualified to capture that marking. What is the latest strategy for card marking? The new form in town is luminous ink! For money or fun, the card marking ink is used to cheat and trick people. This method is the best way of marking cards to date. Unseen to the naked eye, but fully visible to the reader. It is the best form of cheating to date.

In poker, there are a lot of cheaters, the greatest cheaters at home games! A home game’s benefit enables the dealer or host to use their cards. It was possible to mark the cards. The host could take you for all you’ve got! The remedy? On-the-go contact lenses and luminous paint! Can a poker practitioner use luminous ink to mark cards at a casino on the go? To decipher the ink marks that nobody else can see, should they have contact lenses with filters? It’s a strong possibility here. When you buy marked cards from, you are ensured with the best because they are continually working on creating a form of luminous ink “On-the-go” so that you can label cards wherever and whenever.

So why lie or fool yourself with ink? Since it is a unique compound that burns through the card itself. The life of the card will last and not wear off. The invisibility of the ink out there beats every other strategy. If you want to cheat or trick someone, you know or do not know, feel free to use the best luminous ink to mark any red paper-based cards!

Over and over again, you have known and heard about paper-based cards that are marked with luminous ink, but in case you never heard of it – marked plastic cards are also existent! It is tricky to mark paper-based cards with luminous ink. It is costly to mark plastic-based cards with luminous ink! Marked paper-based cards, while marked plastic-based cards are durable and can last a lifetime, are cheaper and more adaptable to wear and tear! These are just some of the advantages and drawbacks of branded plastic cards versus labeled paper-based cards. They would last a magician or poker cheater for a lifetime if you could get them marked. The advantages and disadvantages of Marked Plastic Cards are below.

The Advantages

  • Plastic cards are more durable and can last up to five times longer than paper cards.
  • Since they are much better, plastic cards look more professional.
  • Plastic-marked cards will last for years and never wear (paper-based does not wear, but will not last as long)
  • And poker sharks know that getting a signed plastic card deck is much harder than paper-based cards.

The Disadvantages

  • Plastic cards are costly in price and are much more expensive than the label.
  • Plastic-based cards need a particular form of marking ink; the ink itself is more than a hundred bucks.
  • Plastic cards weigh more and are more difficult to send and ship.

You may determine if plastic-marked cards are better than paper-marked cards based on the pros and cons.

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