The Best of the Winter Garden Room for You

A cold winter garden is therefore a cheaper solution to realize a nice, cozy place close to the garden that resembles a winter garden. And should it get a little colder, portable radiant heaters or stoves can provide enough heat.

Do I need a building permit for a garden building or cold winter garden?

Since a garden building is technically a covered terrace with additional sliding walls, the requirements for patio roofs generally apply when it comes to building permits.

However, the question of a building permit for garden buildings or cold winter gardens cannot be answered in general. In many federal states, a patio roof is license-free under special conditions specified in the respective state building regulations.

A winter garden from garden buildings uk is a structural part of the house, but a garden building is not. This means that different specifications and regulations apply to both. The general rule is that more requirements have to be met for the construction of a winter garden than for the construction of a garden building. The almost comfort-like but mostly much cheaper garden building is also often called the cold winter garden, since it is usually fitted with single glazing. Thus, the garden building is a covered terrace with additional walls.

I already have a covered terrace. Could you expand it into a garden building?

Yes, at least in the vast majority of cases. Depending on the structural condition, the material and the attachment of your patio roof, an extension to a closed garden building is possible. Think of it as starting with the roof and just building the rest of the room around it. In some cases, the financial outlay for an individual solution can be higher than the investment in a new garden building package. We would be happy to advise you to discuss the pros and cons with you.

Wood?Aluminum? Does it make a difference?

Rustic wood, modern chic with aluminum: for every taste there are suitable options for structuring your garden building. In addition to the visual impression, the individual qualities of the materials also count. For example, while wood is stronger, more elastic and more soundproof than aluminum, you also have to expect swelling, shrinking or cracking. A special difference is the weather resistance. Easy-care aluminum minimizes the time and effort that you have to plan for maintenance and cleaning. Unsure or undecided? Contact us! We support you in the implementation of your desired concept.

Wait, do I need a building permit?

The same applies here: ask! Many cities and counties have very different rules. What does not require a separate permit in one place can entail bureaucratic effort in the neighboring city. But just keep your nerve and ask the local building authority before you get started. In many cases, you can already submit your request conveniently online.

The unique system is completely prepared for an extension with side and front walls and also very well suited for our fully transparent sliding glass wall system. Of course, you can also opt for a complete garden building made of aluminum with front and side walls, which is completely made to measure for you.

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