The basics of sports betting

As many countries use their own terminology, there are many synonyms for many terms. In this We will discuss about the Basics of Sports Betting

Online Sports Betting – A form of gambling that involves placing a bet on the outcome of a sporting event. The main goal is to get extra money.

Bookmaker (beech, bookmaker, bookmaker, bookmaker) – a company that offers bookmaker odds and is entitled to bet.

Betting exchange – a service that provides a market on which the odds are set. Clients can place a bet at the available odds or place a bet and act as a bookmaker.

Back – bet that the result will appear. For example, if you bet on Arsenal against Chelsea, you bet on Arsenal.

Lay – bet no result will occur. For example, you could place a bet against Tiger Woods winning the golf tournament. Your winning bet wins if anyone wins, except Tiger Woods, and loses if Tiger Woods wins. Unlike back bets, you double your money (minus the commission) if you are right and you have to pay at the agreed odds if you are wrong. For this reason, when you lay bet, you are essentially playing the role of the bookmaker.

Betting categories

Single bet (straight up bet) – A bet on a single result in a given tournament or event. Examples include a bet on Legia to win the Ekstraklasa, a bet on Federer to beat Nadal, and Real Madrid to win the Champions League.

Multiple bet (multiple, accumulator, parlay, all-up) – a bet involving simultaneous selections on two or more outcomes for two or more events. If at least one of the outcomes fails, the bet automatically loses. Bets on multiple bets are equal to the product of the individual selection odds.

Fixed odds bet – A form of betting where the player knows the exact odds they will receive after placing a bet. The chances are determined after the bet is placed.

Tote betting (parimutuel betting) – A form of betting where all bets of a given type are placed together in the pot. House stake is removed and winning odds are calculated by dividing the pot among all winning bets.

It is also known as a Tote which calculates and displays bets already placed. Thanks to Tote, the bookmaker displays the approximate odds that you will receive according to this calculation. This approximation is based on the number of bets received so far.

Below is a guide on how to choose the right bookmaker. Everyone has different needs and preferences, so no bookmaker will dominate the rest. The key is to understand what you need and then evaluate which bookmaker best meets your requirements.

Step 1 – Create a shortlist of reputable companies

There are countless online companies, but you only want to play with a legal operator that is licensed to operate in Poland, they are reliable and trustworthy. Most likely you will narrow your search only to bookmakers, STS, Fortuna , Forbet , LVBET , Totolotek or Milenium

Phase 2 – Decide the characteristics are important to you

Before registering with a bookmaker, make a list of what you are looking for and what is most important to you while playing, a wide offer, good bonuses, fast customer service support, fast deposits. Below are some good questions to ask yourself.

● Is a wide betting offer important?
● Is the website beginner friendly?
● Which sport am I going to bet on first?
● What types of bets will I be making?
● What is the ideal minimum bet level?

Step 3 – evaluate each bookmaker

Visit the website of each bookmaker, keeping in mind your list. Many bookmakers allow you to add bets to your coupon without logging in. Add some bets to your coupon and check if you like the menu and navigation interface. Is the website intuitive and easy to use? Review the sports you want to bet on. Are they properly cared for?

Step 4 – third party feedback

They may be able to point out advantages and disadvantages that you did not take into account. A good starting point is the section on our website and the ranking and descriptions of bookmakers. Remember that with our GIFT code you can get a higher welcome bonus.

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