Synthetic Diamonds: What are they and what are they not?

The synthetic Novita Diamonds New Zealand is those that are created through technology and are grown in laboratory. The concept of diamond is clear. It is one that is developed through geological processes. Synthetic diamonds are obtained through high pressures and temperatures and are known as CVD diamonds. There is another type of process called HPHT, but with the difference that this last method can be carried out on those of a geological nature. Synthetic gems cannot be sold without identifying them as such, and must be defined with some meaning that identifies it: “artificial”, “laboratory” … etc.

Nowadays, there are unscrupulous companies that try to sell synthetic diamonds as if they were diamonds created in their own land, a deception of untrained jewelers and of course the consumer. The marketing of synthetic gemstones is not a deception if the consumer is clearly warned that it is not a natural diamond.

Do these types of gems and their prices make sense in the jewelry sector?

The answer is obvious and you have to answer yes, in the same way those zircons or other gems of less value in the jewelry sector make sense. At present, and given the investment that has been made in synthetic gems, the price is not exactly a gift, they are between 20 and 40% cheaper than a natural one. The danger is the future price of these gems as it is not known what will happen to the ‚Äúprices of synthetic diamonds” in the not too distant future.

How to differentiate a synthetic from a natural one?

For a neophyte it is practically impossible, therefore our recommendation is that they are not bought through circles outside the jewelry sector. But, and what is extremely important, when acquiring any gem requires that they give you a gemological certificate issued by a graduate in gemology expert in diamond grading. Do not trust “bargains” as for the most part they can be subject to unpleasant consequences.

Can CVD diamonds be traded?

Without any problem, this type of gem can be marketed but always when the consumer is warned that it is a synthetic diamond. If it is not indicated, you will be committing fraud. However, it should be noted that as long as these requirements are met, it must be understood that a synthetic diamond is NOT a fake diamond.

Of all the precious stones in the world, the diamond is one of the most notorious, and even became a James Bond film title. When buying this stone, it is necessary to pay attention to the color, carat, clarity and cut of the gem, as all of this significantly affects the price. Depending on your choice, you need to spend a few months’ wages to get the stone you want. However, synthetic or laboratory-grown diamonds have gained increasing notoriety and space in the market. They are not extracted from the land like the originals, but the price is 20% to 40% lower than the natural ones.

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