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Should you implement backdoor password in your CCTV camera?

If you want to increase the security of your house, you should be installing a CCTV camera. But if you want to increase the security if your CCTV camera, it is extremely necessary that you install the right password. A string password can play an important role in enhancing the security thereby prevent the risk of being hacked easily.

Any system that is unauthorized and not password protected is at the risk of being hacked. This further allows everyone to make changes to the BIOS (Basic Input Output System). Once this is hacked, it can be a threat to your system and it is extremely necessary that you manage it well for extra advantages.

What is backdoor password?

A backdoor password is an additional layer of security aimed at improving or protecting the BIOS. The password further prevents anyone from breaking into your system. It may so happen that you often forget the password of your BIOS. In such cases, a backdoor password can help you break into the system.

BIOS is a software responsible for handling the operating system and hardware of the computer. Most of the houses have BIOS installed in their business to act as a protection against malware.

Why backdoor password?

Ever since technology emerged, several companies have been prone to the threat of being hacked. This increased risk of being hacked has put a threat to the personal data of employees and financial status of the company. As a result, companies are installing the backdoor password into their system. Some of the prominent reasons for choosing this include the following

Extra layer of security

The additional layer of security will protect you from every risk. Often people tend to forget their password, which makes it hard for them to access the files. However, BIOS password acts as an additional layer of security that the user needs to enter before operating system. Therefore, the hardware would start functioning. Also, the two sets of passwords can contribute towards making the company system extremely secure.

Prevents external BIOS changes

Most employees may accidentally change the BIOS settings. Unauthorized changes in the BIOS settings can be harmful for the website. As a result, it is necessary to be careful with it. The unauthorized changes can make your system being prone to hacking or corrupt. However, it is helpful to keep out the employees. Setting up a BIOS boot password can help to either lock the system or prevent employees from accessing it. As a result, it is safe for your business.

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