Reasons Why Butyl Tape Is An Ideal Packaging Component

Butyl rubber sealing tapes are the most convenient and economical in comparison with other insulating materials. And their high durability and excellent physical and technical characteristics ensure successful installation in the widest range of operation. Butyl tape is a plastic adhesive mass, which is applied to the release base, with the addition of overlapping layers for a stronger fixation.

Butyl tape with a double-sided working surface is based on 100% butyl. This tape has excellent adhesion and reliably protects the connection from the penetration of water and air. Sealing butyl rubber self-adhesive tape firmly connects various insulation films, sheets, membranes and eliminates small irregularities on the surface of interconnected planes.

The tape perfectly glues and seals the joints of sub-roofing waterproofing and vapour barrier films, as well as waterproofing for foundations. High water-repellent properties and resistance to aging under the influence of climatic and chemical factors make butyl tape a useful material also for treating roof pipes, roof windows, roof windows, antenna masts, and other elements. The tape is successfully used on both smooth and rough surfaces, joined with elements of wood, metal, plastic, and concrete.

The product is characterized by excellent elasticity and has the instant adhesive ability, which is not lost under the influence of various mechanical stresses, such as tensile or shear forces. The fastness of fastening with almost all building materials, such as wood, metal, concrete, polycarbonate, plastic, makes butyl tapes an indispensable tool for urgent repairs. Due to their high flexibility, these tapes can act as a sealant and a connecting element, permanent or mounting.

The tape can be used without preheating and does not require the use of a unique tool. A release tape protects the adhesive surface of the tape.

Uses of a butyl tape :

  1. Bonding and sealing joints of under-roofing hydro- and vapor barrier.
  2. Sealing and providing steam and waterproofing of various building joints, seams, and gaps, window and front structures, sandwich panels, roofs, air ducts,
  3. It Can also be used for fixing insulation to metal, wood, artificial materials, concrete, and stone.
  4. It is used in the automotive industry (fastening mouldings, insulation, etc.) and instrumentation,
  5. Does temporary fastening before preparing for mechanical fastening.

There are so many advantages associated with butyl tape. Some of them are as follows;

  1. A high degree of adhesion- When the tape is used on any surface or product, it sticks properly making the place safer.

  1. Resistant to ultraviolet- Butyl tape does not get affected by ultraviolet radiation.

  1. Vapour tightness- When applied, no vapour can surface in the product. Vapor can’t penetrate inside.

  1. Ductility- The tape is highly malleable and can easily be modified.

  1. Resistant to atmospheric agents- The tape can’t be affected by atmospheric properties like moisture or water vapour.

It is advisable to get the butyl tapes of high-quality from reputable manufacturers. They are distinguished by excellent adhesion and compatibility with all building materials. Such a sealing tape does not require preliminary priming of the surface, and it is resistant to moisture and ultraviolet radiation. It has vapour permeability and is intended for domestic and professional use.

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