Quintessential elements of Home décor

Our home is filled with objects of value, personal value. These objects could be a part of the memories we have created with people, could be souvenirs from places we have visited, or could simply be collectibles that we thought would add to the flavor of our homes. We often carefully pick and choose the accessories to decorate our houses.

Nowadays, we as humans, are becoming increasingly aware of our surroundings and we strive to keep our surroundings calm, peaceful, and personal. This also includes our homes. Thus, the accessories that we choose to bring about this personalized element of peace are often well thought out. A candle could be one such item of decoration that might be successful in bringing about this quality of life. Candles could bring peace, but clocks bring structure. Keeping a keen sense of time indicates punctuality and brings about a sense of responsibility in ourselves and others. At the first glance, these accessories might seem like their sole utility is the purpose that is visible at face value; however, upon a closer look and introspection, there could be a much larger symbolic meaning attached to them.

Light and smell – Candles have the power to stimulate two of our sense organs! Candles are not only decorative but can also be used as a relaxant. There are several schools of thought that meditate in the light of candles. Moreover, they can be used in a nice, romantic dinner setting; a scented candle can be used for a peaceful sleep, and can also be placed in a therapist’s office for a pure and calming vibe. A tiny piece of décor can have several uses. For different purposes, candles of varied colours, shapes and sizes can be used. Urban Ladder’s wide range of candles allows us to choose the right candles and stands to suit our purpose and needs.

Sense of time – Ours is a fast-moving world. It does not stop and look back or wait for us to catch up. Deadlines, meetings, exams, classes, buses, competitions, races, all of these are time-bound. Earlier, in days without mobile phones, one had to rely on the huge grandfather clock placed in the living room of the house and its reverberating dongs to see (hear) the time. Now, Urban Ladder provides us with a collection of clocks to opt from. A tiny clock for the bedroom, a big one for the dining area, a square-shaped one for the office cubicle, the options are several. A clock can amp up and highlight an otherwise plain wall.

These accessories have several purposes. Another great use could be as gifts – we understand the needs, taste, liking, and choices of our friends and families. Selecting these objects as potential gifts on different occasions would also be a great idea. Their utility is truly unlimited. Accessories can provide an elite touch to the aesthetic of the space; they can greatly add to the look of the room. What better way to elevate the feel of the room than with Urban Ladder’s range of collections at affordable prices!

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