New Year’s Beauty Tip: Heal Your Dry Winter Skin

January brings around a whole lot of New Year’s resolutions. People make resolutions to lose weight, or exercise better.  Your New Year’s beauty resolution may be to heal your dry skin. How do you begin to work on your dry winter skin? We have some ideas.

What Is Dry Skin?

When your skin is dry, it means that the cells that make up your skin don’t have as much water in them as they should. When your skin cells don’t have enough water, they can flake off or die. Your skin doesn’t feel as smooth and supple as it does in the summer. People often have dry skin on their elbows because of friction, but your face can get dry as well, because it’s exposed to the wind and sun.

Why Do I Have Dry Skin In The Winter?

A lot of people think that dry skin is due to a disease, but most people have dry skin in winter. There are several reasons why you might have dry skin in the winter. First, no matter where you live, the air outside is colder, drier, and less humid. Because there is less humidity in the air, it is more difficult to keep your skin moisturized. Colder weather also brings more wind, which sucks moisture away from your skin. During the winter, people spend a lot more time indoors, where the air is warmer, but also less humid. All of these things combine to make your skin drier in the winter.

How Can I Treat My Dry Skin?

If you have dry skin, there are several ways you can treat your dry skin. First, you might want to use a serum that helps your skin retain moisture. One of the serums that helps your skin retain moisture is hyaluronic acid serum for skin. Hyaluronic acid serum helps your skin retain moisture. In fact, this serum works to plump up your skin and add water to it. How great is that? Another serum that is great for winter use is the best vitamin c serum. Vitamin C serum helps to brighten your skin tone, which tends to dull when it is dry. Vitamin C serum is also great for helping your skin balance the free radicals that are floating out there in the winter air as well.

Other Tips for Healing Your Skin

There are a few other ingredients you might want in your skincare box for those winter months. You may want to add a moisturizer to your skincare routine for both morning and evening, if you don’t already. This will help your skin stay moisturized no matter how cold it is outside. When you are moisturizing, it is better to moisturize if your skin is already damp. That way, your moisturizer will lock in more moisture into your skin. You might also want to add a facial spray to your skincare box for a midday moisture refresher. If you follow our guidelines, you should be able to brave the winter ice and snow with a perfectly moisturized face.


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