Morganite Rings – The Peachy Glow With A Feminine Touch

Morganite is a stone with a peachy glow. It is a bit different from the stones that you have seen till now. Moreover, this is an alternative to diamond today. Many people are buying this stone as an engagement ring option. However, very few actually know about it. It is the start of a beautiful journey. And the color pick makes it all the more different. The color can actually range from peachy pink to orangish. It was discovered in Madagascar about a century back. Morganites are far less expensive than diamonds. Therefore, you will find that people are flocking to buy it. Now, budget-conscious couples are buying morganite rings.

Alexander Sparks sells hem in heaps and bounds. Moreover, there is a wide variety to choose from.  There is ABI, Adele, Alyssa, Amy, and more.

Variety Of Rings To Choose From

Today morganite rings are making news in the wedding market. People are secretly buying these rings in place of diamonds.

ABI Morganite ring is one type that is doing the rounds today. It is a vintage ring, with a peachy morganite at the center and is encrusted in rose gold. The oval morganite at the center is surrounded by leaf-shaped motifs. Moreover, it is quite enigmatic to look at. The wearer will be overwhelmed to wear it. Priced at $695, it is quite a cheap buy. It is available in various metals like rose gold, white gold, platinum, and in karats ranging from 10-18. The vintage type morganite ring has a bezel setting.

Alexander Sparks has also introduced the Adele setting in the market. Moreover, it has already created a frenzy. It has a peachy morganite, set amidst a gallery of dazzling diamonds. You will find additional diamonds encrusted on the shoulders of the rings. Moreover, you can choose between white gold, yellow, rose, and platinum. Priced ate $1,695, it will surely make heads turn. This one is available in a halo style with a prong type of setting.

There are so many different varieties of settings and metals that you might get confused. There are various styles available in the market today. There are:

  • The Solitaire setting features a single gemstone. They are one of the most popular of the engagement ring designs today. You will find them to be very elegant and timeless.
  • The Halo setting is another popular design today. This design features a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds. The smaller diamonds can be big or small as the customer demands.
  • Three Stone Setting is another popular design that is ruling the market today. It symbolizes a couples past, the present, and the future together. So, that adds a whole new meaning to a couple’s life. It deeply the bond of eternity. You can wear it during your engagement, anniversary or any other occasions that befits you.
  • There is also another setting, known as the vintage setting. Moreover, it has a truly antique feel to it. Most would consider this as a collectors’ item today. With a sturdy design and timeless appeal, it is spreading love everywhere.

Moissanite Rings NYC

Moissanite rings are also in demand this season, be it at engagements or weddings. They are nothing but silicon carbide. Moreover, you don’t take anything from earth, when you use a morganite. Various companies are making them in laboratories today. So, you can call them environmentally-friendly. You will not be able to differentiate between a morganite and a diamond. They are very sturdy pieces with a beauty that few can compete with. Moreover, if you keep both diamonds and this wonderful gemstone side by side, very few can actually identify it.

They are being prepared today, with the help of powerful technology. You will find Moissanite Rings NYC to be very appealing. In New York, they are making news. Moreover, they are now available in various settings. Furthermore, the variety of metals is mind-boggling. You can buy them in 10k, 14k and 18k gold, platinum or rose gold. They will look enigmatic. They are available in various designs that range from ABI, Abigail, Addison, Adele to Alana. You will be truly blown by their beauty. The choice of metal decides the elegance factor.

The Alana design is a beautiful one. It is priced at $2,795. However, not going by the price, this piece will be timeless. It has a four-prong setting, with the oval piece at the center. There is a double-edged diamond halo surrounding the middle piece. Moreover, there are diamonds that line the shoulders. You can buy it any of the metals discussed. There is a lifetime warranty by Charles and Colvard.

Charles and Colvard is a company that distributes and manufactures such exquisite pieces of jewelry. They sell all their products, backed with ethics and principles. They have managed to create the world’s best gem that emulates the look and feel of diamonds at a fraction of the cost. Located in North Carolina, they have a team who constantly engages in creating the best masterpieces out of nothing. Moreover, it enables people to pas of the Moissanite as a diamond. Therefore, getting all the looks and praises at a lower cost.

In the laboratory they are bust creating exquisite gemstones, and sell them to retails at a fraction of the cost. Thus, adding to the beauty of the wedding market at a fraction of the cost. It created the most durable gemstone just after diamond that is extremely resistant to scratched. So, now you can wear it freely all the time. Moreover, Charles & Colvard provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty, that protects the stone from damages. You can even sell it back to the retailer in this case. You get 70 % of the money back.

So, order one right way from the renowned Alexander online store. You will love every bit of it. Moreover, the online store also stocks wedding bands, engagement bands, plain rings, Celtic rings and hand crafted rings to name a few. So, you can take your pick from amongst this wide variety of wedding jewelry.

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