Know how to hire a professional lawyer in less time to defend your case

If you have ever had to choose a lawyer at the last minute, you know that this task is not always easy. Choosing an Overland Park DUI lawyer to represent you in any situation requires a lot of research and references. Here we will bring you all the tips you need to know before choosing a criminal lawyer. 

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Choosing a good lawyer for you is the main step to winning a lawsuit. It is essential that in addition to the necessary experience, this professional is also a person that you trust to represent you before the authorities and to provide legal advice when necessary. The best known way to hire a lawyer is through referrals, whether from family or friends. However, it is important to study the background and the area in which the appointed attorney operates.

National register of lawyers 

First of all, it is important that you check if your possible lawyer has the National Register of Lawyers, maintained by the Federal Council. This register shows whether in addition to having graduated from law school, the lawyer also has approval and registration with the OAB. 

Work experience

This is certainly the main point that must be taken into account when choosing a lawyer to represent you. That’s because you will be able to discover and know how it works. A good lawyer certainly has good recommendations. Nowadays, looking at a lawyer’s recommendations before hiring him is not a very difficult task. You can check on websites or even on social networks.


For all areas of work it is recommended that you have a portfolio to present the history of your best work, and in law it could not be different. Before hiring a lawyer, ask for your portfolio and calmly analyze the old defenses so that you know how your possible lawyer usually acts. 

Good service

Whenever we are hiring any type of professional, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the service he offers. Trust, sincerity, availability and attention are the main qualities that you must take into account when choosing a good lawyer to represent you before the court. It is important to emphasize that the communication between you must be clear and also that this possible lawyer is available so that you can clear up any doubts before hiring you. 

Service area 

Before hiring your lawyer, it is essential that you know that there are several and different areas within law and each professional can specialize in one of them. Therefore, before signing a contract, it is extremely important that you know which area you need assistance with and which lawyer is the most recommended to be able to assist you in the best possible way. 


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