Key Differences Between Laminate Flooring And Vinyl Flooring

Have you ever thought about what makes your home so special? Along with love and family, the flooring type makes a home very special. It changes the mood and vibe of your home. Two primary flooring types include vinyl flooring and laminate flooring. Now let us look at some of the distinguishing factors between these two flooring types.

  • Waterproof 

When it comes to vinyl plank flooring, many of the vinyl flooring types come under waterproof. Even in the regions where moisture content is high, vinyl flooring can suit well. But, laminate flooring is considered unsuitable for regions where there is high moisture. You cannot pour water on laminate flooring even while cleaning it as it absorbs water. It might create damage to the floor if left long. So water should be handled with care in laminate flooring.

  • Material type 

Laminate flooring is mostly made of wood while vinyl flooring is mostly made of plastic. Wooden flooring gives us a classic and Rich look naturally. So, you can choose it depending on your taste.

  • Durability Factor 

When it comes to durability, both vinyl and laminate flooring have properties to provide durability and long life. But, premium quality vinyl flooring tends to have better durability and life than Laminate flooring.

  • Comfortability 

In comfortability, laminate flooring wins. You can walk with high comfort in laminate flooring. It is much warmer to touch. If you have pets and kids at your home, you should prefer laminate flooring near me as this flooring type is very much comfortable and easy to walk barefoot.

  • Design choices 

If you are looking for various designs as options, you can consider vinyl flooring one step higher than Laminate flooring. Vinyl flooring comes in versatile colors and textures.

Both laminate and vinyl flooring are budget-friendly flooring types. Apart from this similarity, they have so many distinguishing features. Both have premium quality in them and you can purchase the type according to your taste and home. Make sure you install the flooring type after consulting a professional expert, who can make your home look like heaven.

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