Joining A Writing Contest – Preliminary Steps 


When you join a writing contest online you will be able to enjoy excellent visibility. You will also be able to win many exciting prizes when you join the contest. You need to do your homework to find the best writing contests and assuming that you have taken care of that homework and identified the most dependable platform for your contest, here are a few preliminary steps that you need to keep in mind before you get started.

All the contests will be organized on a specific genre. Gain clarity on the contest genre. How comfortable are you working with that genre. Do you have a clear understanding of the genre under question? If not then you first need to do your homework to have a better understanding of your contest genre. 

The next step is to explore the contest guidelines, rules and regulations. Are you clear with your contest guidelines? Do you have any questions or do you need any clarifications on the guidelines posted by the contest organizer? If yes then, you may have to get in touch with the contest organizer to find more about the contest and have all your questions and doubts clarified. It would be a bad idea to proceed with the writing competitions even before you have taken the time to review and to screen the contest guidelines. It is from the terms and conditions of the contest you would know what should be done and what should not be done. If you are going to proceed without familiarizing these guidelines then the chances are high that you proceed in the wrong direction. 

As a part of the preliminary preparation, you should identify the right topic for your contest submission. The contest organizer will give you the genre and the theme. You will have to select the exact topic or the content idea through brainstorming. All these have to happen well in advance so that you have adequate time to process your work. 

If you wait for the last minute for all these preliminary tasks, then you will feel pressurized and you may not be able to deliver the best work. Why would you want to reduce your chances of winning your contest by waiting for the last minute? By addressing all these basics well in advance you will certainly be increasing your chances of winning. You will also be staying away from unnecessary mistakes that people who work in the last minute make. All these will add up to your advantage. Go ahead and find your writing contest and signup immediately. Once you sign up, you start working on your contest submission. Depending on how well the thoughts flow, you could complete the work in one stretch or work periodically as you feel inspired. Select the most dependable contest platforms to sign up for your contests. It is best to start with free writing competitions first so that you gain confidence to sign up for paid contests. 

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