How was the Experience of HUAWEI’s Family Bucket

Many users may have only a few aspects of HUAWEI’s image. For example, it sells mobile phones, or it makes 5G. HUAWEI is a multi-faceted technology company. It produces not only mobile phones, but also other high-tech products. For example, computers, Bluetooth mice, Bluetooth speakers, etc. What experience will users have if they buy a set of HUAWEI products?

The first is the mobile phone. HUAWEI has a cost-effective mobile phone: HUAWEI Mate 20. The performance and appearance of it are excellent. HUAWEI’s designer installed its fingerprint identification on the side. It is to make the phone more beautiful. Four cameras are installed on its back. It makes it convenient to shoot from all angles. It is a mobile phone with high cost performance.

Then came its computer. At present, the better HUAWEI computer being sold in Britain is HONOR MagicBook Pro. This computer is selling for 849.99 in the UK. It is cost-effective. One of the following products will be given away when purchasing a computer: HONOR Bluetooth mouse, HONOR backpack, HONOR headset or Band 5 smart bracelet. This computer uses AMD Ryzen 5 4600H with AMD Radeon graphics card. It is with 16G of memory and a 512G solid state drive.

Let’s talk about its sound box. HUAWEI sells Honor Mini Bluetooth speakers in the UK. The Mini Speaker price is £ 24. 99. If you use HUAWEI’s notebook, you can buy two. One of the two Mini Bluetooth speakers can be connected with one key. It allows users to enjoy three-dimensional sound effects when using laptops.

The last one is HUAWEI’s router. HUAWEI’s HONOR Router 3 is available in UK. This router is fast. This router uses the latest WiFi 6 Plus technology and downloads fast. If there is no problem with other devices, it only takes 10 seconds to connect to this router. This is to download high-definition movies. It can accelerate the HONOR mobile phone when playing games. It reduces the delay of the mobile phone by 20%. The most important thing is that it can set up Internet protection for children. Parents can limit how long children can only use the Internet. They can control how much money they spend and how long they can play games every day.

HUAWEI’s products can cover almost many aspects of life. And they can be connected to each other. This is more convenient for each user’s actual experience.

I hope this article can provide some help for users when purchasing HUAWEI products.

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