How to decorate a Christmas Hamper

A personalized gift hamper is a perfect gift for the hard to buy a loved one. With this article, we will help you make hampers at home and ideas of things to include in a hamper.

At a certain point, buying a pre-made hamper maybe seemed a little impersonal. Especially when every customer has an ‘I don’t care’ mindset.

Luckily, custom-made hampers were different. Decorating your hampers would help people select what they wanted to include. For example, people would have a chance to add a bottle of wine, wine glasses, or silk scarf, and anything nicely in it.

A well-considered, personalized hamper that you design yourself is better than a pre-packaged one you can purchase at the shops.

The recipient will also thoroughly appreciate it because the hampers match the recipient’s tastes and needs.

Creating a personalized hamper, particularly for the recipient, will guarantee it is useful. It will also contain goodies that the receiver likes. And they can be very economical if you make up a hamper with on sale, secondhand, and even handmade items.

Fancy food items that a person wouldn’t usually buy will make a lovely hamper, but a hamper full of fresh groceries is also a well-received and useful gift. It’s a little more effort than purchasing a pre-wrapped hamper off the counter, but the action you do to personalize your gift makes the gift so much more meaningful.


There are several possible items for a gift basket with a theme that narrows the possibilities, making it easier to plan.

Often the theme will reflect the moment for the hamper. A Christmas hamper will be quite different from a baby hamper, or even wedding hamper.

You can decorate your Christmas hamper basket with these ideas:

●       Food theme – don’t use just any food; choose a fancy one like a wine or beer hamper. Or maybe you could make a chocolate hamper or a homemade hamper or a BBQ themed hamper. What does the recipient like to eat?

●       Crafting theme – who wouldn’t love a hamper full of quilting odds and ends and fabric!

●       Spa hamper, with a bunch of flowers as decoration, must look pretty as a gift!


Your budget will help you select what to put in a hamper basket. Because there are so many possibilities, it’s easy to get carried away.

If your budget is minimum, including expensive stuff like jewelry amongst the gourmet wine and chocolates will probably be ridiculous.

But you don’t need to waste a lot to make a fantastic gift hamper. The excellence of making a hamper is that you’re able to put a lot of small, inexpensive items together to create a lovely gift without costing a lot.

For a more economical gift hamper, you can also make the hamper items yourself. You can include homemade choc-chip cookies and homemade truffles that have been packed in DIY boxes.


Hampers aren’t all about jam and shortbread. You can put almost anything in your hamper. The only essential thing is to make sure the contents are personal and suitable for the recipient.

The contents of your hamper will generally reflect your theme. If you’re making a wine hamper, you may want to consider wine glasses to pair with the wine.

Or you could make a tea hamper with fancy teas and a lovely small teapot. However, if you know that the receiver has a cupboard full of glasses or a teapot already, this idea may look redundant.


Of course, it’s nice to pick things that your receiver will like but might not necessarily buy themselves. Gourmet food is always the proper choice for the foodie. There are many specialty teas, coffees, chocolates, biscuits, oils, and dressings that are nice to eat. But it’s not necessarily something a person would buy every week. Keep a sight out for discounts during and maybe before Christmas to make the most of the savings.



You can make a hamper with just about any box.

Some of the things you could use:

●       a basket

●       a gift bag

●       a gift box

●       a tote bag

●       a decorated shoebox


Here are some arranging ideas on how to create your hamper and make them look good.

The first tip is to play around with the composition of your items to get the best results.

To help present hamper items most nicely, pick a front for your hamper. Please start with the highest or biggest things, first placing them at the back. Then organize the smaller items around these.

For instance, with a wine and bites hamper, start by placing the wine bottles, then any large food packages, and arrange the smaller items around these.

To help arrange items, consider overlapping objects, using clear adhesive tape to help keep things still and in place. If you have more petite packaged items, like a box of wrapped chocolates, reconsider taking the chocolates out of the box and spreading them throughout the hamper.

If you were using a basket with a holder, you could tie or tape things to the holder to keep them in position.

If the hamper doesn’t seem right, adding or subtracting filling can make a significant distinction. Don’t be scared to add extra filling here and there were required to prop up a specific item.

Fill empty spaces with either small items and flowers usually come in handy as a decorative.


Ribbons are perfect for the hamper nicely. Maybe you can collect it anywhere in your home. This is to make sure you reuse and reduce costs and waste.

Other possibilities involve making or converting some gift bows, using flowers, adding greenery, or creating your labels and gift cards.

A hamper basket can make a lovely gift with a little extra effort to make it up yourself and personalize it.

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