How To Create A Botline


One of the most prominent applications of Asia is the Line Messaging app. In Thailand and various other neighboring countries, it is an assortment of emojis and social games that gives a great experience to its users. Nonetheless, how do you create a bot line (สร้างบอทไลน์, which is a term in Thai)? In that case, why do you build a bot in LINE while there are other messaging apps available?

Why Should You Build A Botline?

It is practically the lifestyle of the people in many Asian countries. Most people use the LINE app to stay in association, amuse themselves, make purchases, and seek employment. Given that social games are prominent among the users of this app, you can also position your bot to the LINE app.

The LINE app has started investing in commercial services and payments. In this way, this platform can become a productive enclave for your chatbot payments.

How To Create A Botline

Messaging on API SDKs

Through Messaging API SDKs, you can build a hotline quickly. They are available in many languages, namely Java, Go, Ruby, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Node.js. Select your language and use the library and samples for development. Therefore, they can only speed up the development of the bot in the LINE app.

Chatbot Frameworks

You can use Dialogflow or Microsoft Bot Framework (with Azure Bot Framework). One benefit of using Microsoft Bot Structure is to approach rigorous Natural Language Processing tools. It will assist your bot to elucidate your intent. Other frameworks like and Amazon Lex are presented with loaded NLP capabilities.

GUI in Bot Development

For people from a non-technical background, LINE Bot Developer presents a GUI to create a botline. It has a variety of templates to build a chatbot that responds perfectly to specific kinds of user inputs. TheLINE Bot facilitates JSON code while you build your bot.

Integration of Bot With Line

Follow the steps below to integrate the bot with the LINE messaging app:

  1. Build a LINE Bot through the Line Messaging API.
  2. Set up Chatbot frameworks by replicating the webhook URL.
  3. Access your LINE account, authorize webhooks, and attach the URL.
  4. Copy-and-paste the data particulate to the LINE account into the Chatbot framework integration area.


Building a chatbot will help you interact with the users. The best way is to create a channel and construct it. Or you can deploy to LINE if your bot is already built.

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