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How Can a Microchip Dog Door Keep Your Pet Safe?

Dogs and cats are loved as members of the family, so keeping them happy and safe is vitally important. If you have a yard, getting a microchip dog door could be the perfect solution to improving your pet’s overall quality of life. With the right electronic pet door, you can give your pet a sense of freedom and independence while also keeping them safe.

What are Microchip Dog Doors?

The advancement of technology has revolutionized the pet industry and has changed the way we look at the average dog door. Traditional pet flaps are simple products that allow your dog or cat to go outside whenever they please. Magnetic microchip dog doors give your pet this same level of freedom, but with the added benefit of extra safety features. These electronic pet doors work by reading a magnetic signal and will only operate for your pet and their implanted microchip.

Restrict Outdoor Access for Your Pet

It’s nice to give your pet the option to go outside, but sometimes it’s safer for your pet to stay indoors. With a magnetic microchip dog door, you have complete control over your pet’s ability to go in and out. If your backyard is dirty or dangerous, having an electronic pet door makes it easy to keep your animals indoors. Alternatively, if you have guests over and want to keep your pets outside, you can temporarily limit their access to get back inside.

Furthermore, if you have multiple pets, you can program a magnetic pet door to individualize their access. If you want to allow your dog into the yard, but prefer to keep your cat safely inside, you can adjust the settings to only respond to your dog’s microchip.

Keep Strays and Wildlife Out

A major benefit of having a magnetic pet door is that it effectively keeps out all wildlife and stray animals. An electronic dog door only responds to your pet’s unique microchip, and won’t open up for any unwanted critters. Whether you live in a rural or urban area, unwanted pests can definitely be a problem. The best way to keep animals out of your home, without limiting your pet’s freedom, is to install a magnetic dog door that operates using your pet’s microchip.

Give Your Pet Freedom and Enrichment

Pet doors are important to the overall wellbeing and happiness of your furry family members. Having a dog flap installed in your house allows your pet to freely go outside to use the bathroom, play with toys, and enjoy the fresh air. Animals who are stuck inside all day can feel stressed out or bored. The freedom to go outside adds enrichment and joy to your pet’s life.

Install an Electronic Pet Door

How do you find the right magnetic microchip dog door for your needs? The perfect pet door for your family will vary depending on a few variables. Check out the selection of dog doors offered by Australia Pet Doors and consider getting one installed in your home today.

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