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House Hunting Tips for First-time Homeowners

Nestled in Queensland, Australia is the quaint and fun city of Redland, where you can find the rural locality of Redland Bay in its southern area. Contrary to the bustling cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Redland Bay gives you a quiet escape from these busy areas while still offering residents a perfect balance of city and local life. Many consider it to be a unique place that almost feels like tons of miles away from the business districts, despite being a half-hour drive from the city.

If you enjoy a simple lifestyle with an affordable cost of living, you should consider Redland Bay in your options. A quick search of houses for sale in Redland Bay and you will find various prospective homes, but as a first-time owner, you may be apprehensive about what to do. A house is a large investment, and buying one is no light decision. While it can be exciting to imagine your dream home, you have to take some time to consider your options.

There are many things at stake when it comes to buying a home, so to help you make a wise and sound decision, here are some house hunting tips that can guide you in your search.

Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval

No matter how eager or excited you may be to start your search, it will be best to get a mortgage pre-approval before looking into your options. Without knowing how much you can afford or what type of financing you can get, you will not be able to determine your feasible home options. Getting pre-approved will typically require a loan application with important details to help a mortgage lender decide how much you can borrow.

Check Out Pre-Market Listings

Rather than looking at market listings for houses for sale in Redland Bay, you can instead check out pre-market listings. As these are not yet publicly found in listing services, you can expect less competition from interested buyers. Some listing sites may have pre-market homes, but if you are struggling to find any, you can also ask your network of friends or family if they know anyone selling property.

Think Long-Term

Before getting on the house hunt, it is important to know what specific features and amenities you want in your home. However, do not limit your considerations to your present needs and wants. Instead, think ahead–think long-term. What are your plans in the next five, 10 years? Do you intend to start a business from home or expand your family? Thinking about things like these allows you to prepare the right accommodations, so they are ready when the time comes.

If you find that your home does not have what you need in a few years’ time, you always have the option of moving out. However, doing so will be more difficult and expensive, so planning ahead can save you from the trouble.

Drive Around

While it is undeniably easy and convenient to search for a home online, you may not be able to see all your options if you stick to this platform. Dedicate a few days to drive around the area where you want to live and see if any home is marked “for sale.” These homes may either be sold by the owner or a bank, due to a foreclosure, which could mean easier negotiations on your part.

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