General usage and facts on pipping and pvc plumbing works:

Pipe connectors are mostly used in commercial and industrial applications. They are used in joining PVC pipe and fittings and terminate pipes where appropriately. For this reason, there is a wide range of fittings that manufactured and designed for specific pipes and applications.

Connect fittings of PVC pipe with ordinary method:

It is classified as either male or female fittings. For threaded pipes, the male threads are on the outer surface of the fitting (exterior threads). On the other hand, female threads are on the inside section of the fitting (interior threads).

For the slip types, the male fittings have a smaller diameter as compared to their female counterparts’ i.e. similar fittings with the same diameter. They can be connected:

Using threads; they are screwed together to join. Most metal fittings have threads.

They have sleeves where the male sleeve slips into the female sleeve. It is very much common with most plastic pipes, however, plastic pipes can also be threaded. Therefore, it’s upon the plumber to settle on the proper sort of connection counting on things. An elbow like structure is placed with both external threads (on the left) and internal threads (on the right).

Pipe fittings and its working steps:

  • Connect pipe sections which are of the same diameter or different diameter e.g. for the case of reducers
  • Change direction of flow e.g. for the case of elbows
  • Regulate or maintain flow e.g. when reducers or valves are used
  • Terminate, seal or close pipes e.g. for the case of plugs or caps
  • Connect several pipes e.g. the side-inlet, Tees and Cross

Varieties of connection/ fitting to avoid incompatibility issues which may result in leakages. Making the right decision is crucial.

Moreover, the fact that there exists the female and male end is also worth noting. Furthermore, taking into account all the specifications required for the connection is prudent.

Today across India, the utilization of plastic pipe connectors for a good sort of application is becoming increasingly common. Here are a number of the essential facts about the plastic pipe to offer a far better understanding of where, how and why it should be considered for usage. Several aspects concerning construction problems with today are going to be addressed.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC, also commonly mentioned as Vinyl, is probably the foremost well-known and widely used of all plastics for pipe connectors in construction today. PVC pipe manufacturers offer users one of the best balances of tensile strength versus economics being used for several kinds of pressure and non-pressure applications in both above-ground and underground applications.

PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) resin springs from 2 natural resources of the world, namely gas and salt. The gas derivative ethylene is combined with the chlorine component of salt to make the resin building block. PVC pipe and fittings contain chlorine component which is a by-product of a process whereby the sodium is being extracted from natural salt for use in caustic soda for soaps, detergents, and other applications.

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