Feeling Giddy and Lightheaded: Five steps for quick recovery

Often, we ignore our headaches and slight stress pangs and deem them unnecessary, but there are times when these get extreme and have the potential to disturb our day. If they persist, you should figure out why giddiness is coming. This is crucial for you to narrow down to the problem in time so that it does not aggravate into something significant and problematic.

Being lightheaded could be because of a lot of reasons, but before you figure out what is causing the problem, you need to help yourself to essential solutions. Here are five steps for quick recovery that can assist you during times of such distress.

● Allow proper blood circulation

When blood doesn’t seem to reach the brain, headaches take place. This can happen when you have been standing for too long or have been on your feet for an extended period. Your legs and other body parts are receiving blood, while it is difficult for the flow to go against gravity up till your head. The lack of use of oxygen by the body to circulate oxygenated healthy blood to the brain directly leads to this.

Lying down to improve blood circulation is the solution to this. Find a surface like a sofa or bed to lie down and then start sitting up slowly. You shouldn’t drive or use your hands for essential tasks because they might adversely affect you.

● Hydrate yourself

After oxygen, it is water that helps your body retain energy and help you work through daily activities. Keeping yourself hydrated is vital for proper blood circulation, energy generation, and fluid flow. This helps the body regain the natural fluids that are lost in daily activities like urinating, sweating, sebum flow oil pores, bodily functions, and indigestion.

When you consume water, that has been otherwise lost from your body, you regain the energy to get a grasp of things. Your headaches can be a sign of dehydration and drinking caffeinated drinks that will defy the purpose. So if not plain water, have it with lime, lemon, ginger, or other antioxidant-rich products.

● Go bananas

Low blood glucose levels can also lead to severe headaches, and thus, consuming foods rich in glucose components, and instant energy foods are helpful for the body. Similarly, some sugar-rich ingredients help the body instantly create energy and send it to the brain so that it can function better. In the end, it is the energy that helps us work, and anything lacking the fuel for work will not be too beneficial.

If you have diabetes, this step is not necessarily appropriate for you. Cream, honey, fruit, etc. are helpful for the body, but a banana is the healthiest, most natural option. You can also have blueberries or fruit juice, but bananas are rich in potassium, so it is the best option for you to go with because it will help the body regain fluid balance and muscle contractions.

● Mindfulness

If your dizziness or bout of lightheadedness is related to anxiety, mindfulness of the surroundings can help. You should look around and notice things, try to focus on certain particular sounds or music if there is one around. Rhythms or familiarities help one become aware and present at the moment.

Mindfulness also helps you overcome the fear of being in a state of confusion and enables you to steer clear through these times of self-doubt and irritation. This is an age-old trick that people have worked through for better mental assimilation of their surroundings.

Once you are aware of what is going on around you, you seem to get a hold of the perspective and let things settle in your head. This helps your brain to wrap around facts and come back in focus.

● Medicine and professional help

If your headache or dizziness tends to overpower your basic body functioning for too long, you should take prescribed medication. It is essential to seek medical care if the pain is unbearable or long-lasting because in case it is further pushed to delay, it might turn out to be somewhat more harmful than helpful.

Thus, conventional medicines for headaches or medical aid like the advice of a licensed practitioner or expert becomes necessary for some people in certain situations. Do not hesitate to reach out because smaller symptoms might hold a threat that you may be underestimating. It is through consistency and patience that one can sieve through problems of lightheadedness because it consumes a lot of your energy, which are already low.

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