Explore Jakarta’s Street Food

Street food as a melting pot of civilizations and Indonesia’s capital, the Big Durian functions some of the very prized food. These vendors are not tough to find as they are sprawled all across this town. As soon as you start munching, you cannot stop!

Below are some of a few of our favorite Jakarta street food!

  1. Martabak

There are two sorts of Martabak, sweet and salty. The brewed Martabak is a hot fried “omelet” manufactured from either duck or chicken eggs. It includes a crispy feel on the exterior and vegetables along with beef filling on the interior. One bite will leave you wanting more.

The Martabak is comparable to a pancake. There are two forms of Martabak, thick or slim. The version is full of cheese or chocolate. However, sweet Martabak has evolved into all sorts, including Ovomaltine, Toblerone, tea velvet, and more.

  1. Kerak Telor

Kerak Telor is your dish that is Betawi that is native. It’s an omelet made out of glutinous rice and legumes. It’s then topped with a tasty serving of coconut and fried shallots. Yummie!

  1. Gado-Gado

If you’d like a much healthier option, then try some Gado-Gado. This is a version of the salad of Indonesia. The dish is made of fresh vegetables like green bean chayote, corn, cabbage, bean sprouts, lettuce, roasted potatoes, and tofu or tempeh. The vegetables are then drizzled with peanut sauce. Also, you may add chili if you want it to be hot. This is a favorite among vegans.

  1. Siomay

Siomay is among the most famous street food in town. From travel carts, Siomay is served across the city in a variety of ways. On the other hand, the best-tasting Siomay is the most normal-looking ones. Siomay is influenced by the Chinese dumpling Shu Mai. It’s constructed from steamed fish (generally tenggiri or wahoo fish) dumpling served with steamed tofu, sausage, wrapped in delicious peanut sauce. This is a must-try!

  1. Gorengan (Fried Snacks)

This is yet another popular alternative for all those cravings a few snacks. Any bites that were battered-and is named Gorengan. Street sellers generally sell noodle tofu (with or without additives), Tempe (soybean cake), cassava, and peanuts. Many locals consume this high-value food using little green chilis (cabai rawit) to include spiciness.

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6. Ketupat Sayur (rice cake and veggies)

Ketupat sayur is a typical Betawi breakfast dish you can get from a vendor with a pushing cart in Jakarta. What you have on your plate is the ketupat (compressed rice cake wrapped in coconut leaves) and spicy coconut milk soup along with sliced green papaya, string bean, and young jack fruit. To eat this, crackers are the best companions.

7. Soto Betawi (Jakarta beef soup)

Soto Betawi is a spicy soupy dish highly recommended when you visit Jakarta. Unlike other soto dishes commonly having clear broth, soto Betawi is very thick. It comprises of coconut milk, beef, and some aromatic spices like galangal and lemon grass. The steamed rice and condiments (fried shallot, emping crackers and lime juice) are enjoyed together with the soup.

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