Essential Choices for CBD Packaging Solutions

The cardboard boxes and paints used for CBD packaging are not tested on animals. In addition, the colors used are vegetable oil-based and therefore vegan. They also meet the color eco criteria and are therefore more environmentally friendly than other colors.

Do You Actually Know Grass Paper?

Grass paper is particularly suitable as an environmentally friendly packaging material. Grass paper can be used like normal cardboard, but is made from grass instead of wood. Grass contains much less lignin than wood, which must be chemically removed when making paper. This environmentally harmful step is omitted with grass paper due to the small amount of lignin. This makes production more environmentally friendly. A particularly large number of CBD boxes and CBD labels are sent out before Christmas.

Using CBD boxes packaging that has already been used more than once is not only worth it twice, but three times! First, it avoids the environmental impacts associated with manufacturing. Second, there is no additional waste and it is also cheaper. The size is also important: unnecessarily large packaging needs additional cushioning material and transports “air”.

Recycled Paper and Recyclable Materials Are the Best Choices

CBD Packaging made from recycled materials is the most environmentally friendly. Compared to fresh fiber paper, recycled paper does not have to cut new wood and does not have to be bleached as intensively. Only half the energy and between a seventh to a third of the amount of water required for fresh fiber paper are used in its manufacture. Particularly recommended: recycled paper with the Blue Angel eco- label.

If cardboard CBD Packaging boxes or paper packaging made from fresh fibers cannot be avoided, sustainable fibers can be used. For example, the FSC trademark or the PEFC seal, which guarantees that wood and paper products come from sustainably managed forests, offer guidance.

There is also plastic packaging with a high proportion of recycled plastic. Packaging made of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) can also be easily recycled, while packaging made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is usually not recycled and often contains plasticizers. Combined materials, for example paper and plastic, make it difficult to recycle packaging with CBD Labels.

Avoid Hazardous Chemicals

Consumers should avoid shipping packaging containing chemicals of very high concern. These include, for example, those that contain PVC mixed with certain plasticizers. These plasticizers make packaging soft, pliable or stretchable. Some of these substances can affect the hormonal balance and the ability to reproduce. When using the desiccant silica gel, which can be found in the form of small packages in new handbags, for example, suitable variants without the blue moisture indicator cobalt (II) chloride should be used, as this is carcinogenic.

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