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Drop-in Kitchen Sinks

New builds and eight out of ten remodels use stainless steel drop-in kitchen sinks as a default. Everyone expects to see it, so no one thinks about it. It’s time to change that and to shake it up a little. While stainless steel is great, there are other types of kitchen sinks that go well with new granite or quartz counter tops such as copper, enamel-coated cast iron, and ceramic farm-style sinks. Here are the advantages in using other types of kitchen sinks.


Porcelain and enameled cast iron drop-in kitchen sinks are crushed and re-used in many applications, including new kitchen sinks. Plumbing fixtures are recycled at the same facility called CHaRM or Center for Hard to Recycle Materials.

Copper sinks are 99 percent recycled. They contain less than one percent zinc, because copper is malleable. It requires additives to make it hard enough to use as a kitchen sink.


Technology today has made it easy to make a continuous granite or marble slab for kitchen counters. This includes integrating a sink into the slab. Precise measurements are taken, and then the slab is painstakingly cut into counter top and sink. The continuity means an elegant flow in the kitchen with no seams to mar the flow.

For Use

Many kitchen sinks are being made with exciting innovations like cutting boards and colanders. Cooks can now prep for meals over the kitchen sink to eliminate messes yet not clog the kitchen drains. All they need do is remove the utensil holders and drying racks, and they’re ready to create scrumptious dishes. Many homeowners are finding the useful accessories built into their kitchen sinks most convenient.


Those thinking that smart homes include “everything but the kitchen sink” have another think coming. With smart technology being built into toilets and showers, why not have it built into kitchen sinks? Check this out:

  • Sinks are now being built with silent technology. This means a layer of rubber lies beneath the also silent top coat of the sink basin. Flatware and pots and pans won’t clink or clatter, making a lot of noise. Drinks of water in the night won’t wake other family members.
  • Sinks are now being made heat and acid resistant. Hot pans can be put directly in the sink without burning the sink material. Acidic juices and teas can be made right in the sink without dissolving any protective coating on the sink material.


Homeowners remodeling or building a new house have exciting choices ahead of them. Not many thought of kitchen sinks before, but with the variety now available and the technology built into them, homeowners are more excited than ever about kitchen sinks.

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