Detailed information about cheap shipping

No matter you sell products on Ebay or you have a website or just want to move from one place to another, you will have to ship your goods. Shipping costs are sometimes really high hence more and more people want to know about cheap shipping. Here is your guide to find cheap shipping:

When shipping costs are less, transporting things is feasible. You can just post your requirement on different load boards to get the lowest possible rates. Some of the methods to ship cheaply are given below:

United States Postal Services

The cheapest option to ship is USPS. You are not charged a shipping fee for products up to 70 pounds and you get a free delivery confirmation. You can also ship media items at highly low rate, but the postal workers can check your mail item to see if they fit with the requirements. However, with private shipping you get all the privacy needed.


Shiply is your solution to get anything and everything shipped at the lowest possible rates while keeping your privacy intact. All you need to do is put your requirement on their load board and you will be flooded with bids. Just pick the shipping bid which is cheapest and your product will reach its destination affordably.

However, there are some factors which impact the shipping rate. They are given below:

Speed: According to the rule, you need to pay a higher price if you need a fast delivery. Everyone wants to send their courier as soon as possible, but obviously speedy deliveries are costlier. There are overnight delivery, one-day delivery, two day delivery, three-day delivery one- week delivery options set by the company.

The shorter delivery times you choose, the more you will be charged. The cost of overnight delivery is 5 times the normal delivery. If you put your product for delivery on a load board, you will be provided with inexpensive bids, by those who ship regularly. Choose the bid which is lowest and ship your item.

Weight: The weight of the item is also important when calculating shipping cost. The heavier the product is, the more will be the charged. Hence, make sure you pack the product light. If it is a delicate product, use bubble wraps.

Distance: The cost of shipping a product also depends on the distance the package has to travel from your address. The further the destination is, the higher will be the charge.

Size: Bigger the size of your package, the higher is the shipping charge. If your package is light but size is bigger, then dimensional sizing will be used.

It is great to find a cheap shipping rate for your product, but make sure you don’t forget insurance and tracking. Also see if you need to pay the handling fees or not which may further enhance the cost. Find out if there are any other surcharges being included. If you are a frequent shipper, then choose Shiply for your work. It gives you cheapest shipping facility with good service.

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