Choose the Right Earning Steps in Affiliate Marketing


Today, posting five reviews online would allow a business to multiply its odds of purchase by 4. On the flip side of success, with their growing success, customer reviews end up being misused by some.

Organized gangs known as click farms act as impostors. Unfair, they offer to publish fake Google reviews in order to promote companies as to destroy the activity of their competitors, to the chagrin of honest professionals. But if an unfair company seeks to harm you by posting an undeserved fake review, it will be important for your brand to respond well.

Several solutions exist allowing you to continue to attract and retain your customers thanks to a positive online image on the web. We share with you all of its tips to keep your online reputation intact on Google. Through SeanAbbottMarketing you will get the best review of Evergreen Wealth Formula in spite of the fact that there are many fake ones around.


The First Step

First step before taking action, make sure that the suspected false review is not, in fact, from one of your customers. Your establishment may consider a review to be false if it meets the following conditions:

An unknown author in the battalion: 

Beware of newly created profiles or Internet users who have published only one review, i.e. criticism of your brand.

A short but negative comment:

While fake reviews tend to be shorter than your customers’ feedback, they are also full of superlatives that make the intervention questionable. Not associated with an explanation, a negative opinion can be considered doubtful. 

Language to make Molière shudder: 

The language level of a disloyal opinion is, generally, lower than the genuine feedback shared by your customers. Exaggerated, its only objective is to damage your brand image. 

Against the grain: 

Information contained in bogus publications seems to be out of line with the general opinion. If you’re used to receiving feedback about specific parts of your products or services, fake reviews target other factors to discredit you. 

Once your investigation is complete and the notice is found to be false, here are the steps to remove it from the Internet: 

  • Type in the name of your establishment and click on the Google reviews to the right of the results listing.
  • Once the fake notice is located, click on the flag to the right of the name of the impostor concerned. 

A new page opens. It’s up to you to explain, in a few words, why the notice is not admissible and then to finalize your report by clicking on the “send” button. All you have to do is wait for Google to remove the review in question. Note that the more you report a disrespectful review, the sooner it is likely to be canceled by Google. 


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