Chinese Akoya Vs Japanese Akoya Pearls – Which One to Choose

Akoya cultured pearls are very popular all over the world. In fact, they are most desired pearls in the present days because of their superior quality and affordable price. They actually look ten times better than the freshwater pearls.

If you are planning to give a surprise to your girl, then choose a good Akoya pearl ring or a necklace. You will certainly find jewellery that suits your budget. A simple Akoya pearl necklace or a pendant or a ring is pretty enough to express your love and appreciation for the best woman in your life.

Chinese Vs Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearls

Akoya pearls generally come in 2 varieties and they are Japanese and Chinese. If you are confused and find it hard to choose then let’s learn about the differences between these two Akoya pearl varieties in detail.

  • Origin: The major difference between these two pearl varieties is the region from where they are actually grown. The Akoya cultured pearls are generally grown in 2 regions and they are China and Japan.
  • Quality: The Japanese Akoya cultured pearls are high quality pearls when compared with the Chinese variety. It is because the Japanese pearl farmers are more experienced in cultivating the best quality pearls. They apply advanced techniques including sorting, bleaching, treating and cleaning. However, make sure to buy pearls from reliable sources.
  • Size: The Japanese Akoya cultured pearls are available in different sizes ranging from 1mm to 11mm, whereas the Chinese are available in sizes ranging from 1mm to 7mm. In fact, it is difficult to find the Chinese Akoya cultured pearls above 7mm size.
  • Price: As the Japanese variety are larger and high in quality, they are a little expensive than the Chinese pearls. It means they are great as investment and you will enjoy a great jewellery experience in terms of value, beauty and resistance.
  • Lustre: The Japanese variety have more lustre in comparison to the Chinese variety. This is because the Japanese variety pearls have better nacre quality. Thus they are shinier and durable.

In the end, buying pearl is a personal choice!

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