Can this catalyst who is underappreciated make a buy for the recent and latest Apple stocks?

According to the recent Deutsche Bank analyst Jerial Ong, she says that investors might be underestimating one catalyst which is the key for the company, which is Apple. She says that the upcoming debut of iPhone, which is comparatively smaller than its predecessors, they create all significant demand for the latest iPhone in the series. From the demand of this iPhone Apple can benefit significantly because of the higher number of sales that will be generating the cause of the demand.

The AAPL stock price expected to increase of the new 5G technology implemented iPhones.

The recent creation of the 5G technology in the Apple product the iPhone 12 series is going to be one of the majority’s selling Apple product in the upcoming years. It is going to be one of the highest-selling Apple products because several countries are now switching to 5G technology in their country as it is the means of technology for the future. After the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is going to be an immense increase in the production and demand for the 5G technology made iPhone 12 series because of how convenient it is going to be making communication from one point to the other.

Apple’s newest products the iPhone models, the iPhone 12 series, is going to be released in three different sizes of the display with respect to price as well. One of these iPhones are going to be the smallest, which is going to be more or less similar to the iPhone SE which was released in 2016. The screen display sizes of the three iPhones are going to be as follows:

  • 5.4 inches
  • 6.1 inches
  • 6.7 inches

Ong’s theory with respect to the display screen size of the new iPhone series

Ong has said that the new iPhone 12 series display sizes should be considered by the Apple investors. The last time when Apple released its small display screen, the sales were made around 40% and 46% for the next two tears consecutively, soon followed by the launch of the iPhone 6 series.

It is said that Ong has been referring to the iPhone 12 mini, which she believes would be the important key catalyst to increase and generate sales for Apple.

What can we understand from the upcoming release of the iPhone 12 Mini?

It is predicted that the iPhone Mini will be the new customer favourite Apple product after its release because of its conveniently compact shape and size, along with its affordable price.  You can check releases at from more information.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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