Axis Credit Card Balance Transfer

Axis Bank is a private sector bank that provides a diverse selection of credit cards. As of now, the customers can avail over 11 credit card variants, each tailored to meet specific needs. The bank has a card for every category, including travel, shopping, dining, and luxury.

When it comes to credit cards, moving the remaining balance from one card to another, is known as a balance transfer. This cancels your current credit card fees, and you now owe the balance on your new credit card, either from the same card issuer or a different one.

Benefits of Credit Card Balance Transfer

The good news about a credit card balance transfer is that it will help you save money on interest. As a result, your EMIs will be lower, and you will save a lot of money on interest, as credit card interest rates are still high. You may also move your credit card balance and get more perks because different credit card companies have different deals, and some can lure you more than the one you already have.

 Axis Bank Balance Transfer

Axis Bank Balance Transfer enables cardholders to incorporate their credit card balances into a single account. The bank charges a processing fee and an interest rate based on the reducing balance system for this service. A balance transfer will help cardholders who are having trouble paying 

Axis Bank Balance Transfer is available to all existing Axis Bank credit cardholders. The cardholder’s available credit cap, repayment history, and the bank’s internal policies can all affect this. Axis Bank Balance Transfer does not require any papers. Users who choose to move balances from other cards to a new Axis Bank credit card must meet the eligibility requirements for the card variant they chose. At the time of application, KYC documents will also be needed.

Ways to Transfer Balance

The method is as simple as it sounds. Take a look at how to move your balance to a different credit card company.

  • Examine your remaining balances, interest rates, and penalty costs.
  • Look for a credit card that has a lower interest rate.
  • Check to see if your credit limit is appropriate in view of your unpaid debt.
  • Examine the balance transfer payments to see if the exchange is worthwhile.
  • Create an application for a credit card with your issuer.
  • Request a balance transfer to pay off your credit card debt.

How to apply for axis bank credit card balance transfer

Apply for Axis Bank Credit Card Balance Transfer by calling the Axis Bank credit card customer service number, cardholders may turn their Statement Balance into an Axis Bank Credit Card EMI. To use the balance transfer program, customers must contact the bank within 15 days of the current Statement Date or 5 days before the current Payment Due Date.

How to transfer funds from Axis bank credit card to Axis bank account

To move money from a credit card to your bank account, you’ll need to use a mobile wallet. You may use the mobile wallet app or their official website to make such transfers.

It should be remembered that funds cannot be transferred directly from credit cards to bank accounts. To begin, use your credit card to add money to your wallet. The funds from your digital wallet must then be transferred to your bank account.


Axis Bank is one of India’s leading credit card companies, providing credit cards with substantial benefits such as reward points for shopping and other activities. The bank also offers customers the option of transferring credit card balances, making it one of the best credit cards available.

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