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Air Conditioner Maintenance

The air conditioner circulates a lot of air both in residential and commercial services; it can degrade the quality of the one we breathe in the home, especially if its filters are clogged or dusty. It is essential to clean them very often and to change them regularly. It is also essential to dust the air vents with soapy water.

There is no inspection obligation or maintenance contract for consumer air conditioners. Only equipment with a power greater than 12 kW or containing more than 4 kg of refrigerant is concerned. This does not prevent the problems of fouling or gas leakage. Having your air conditioning checked by a professional every two years is a wise precaution. On the one hand, it works correctly; on the other hand, because of the risk of refrigerant leaks, which are formidable greenhouse gases. Strongly contributing to global warming.

To keep a single unit efficient as long as possible, it is advisable to clean the filters regularly. They can be brushed or cleaned with soapy water when the material permits. Also, remember to dust the device regularly by vacuuming the ventilation grilles and regularly emptying the condensate tray (which collects the moisture absorbed).

“In & Out” Air Conditioners

“In & Out” air conditioners have appeared on the mobile monobloc market. It is now possible to install your mobile air conditioner outside not to be subjected to noise. Some models allow in a few manipulations to position the hot air extraction tube in place of the fresh air outlet grille and connect it to the room for it. Blow out the cooled air. Some models cool the room twice as quickly. Its performance is much better than when placed indoors, the device in operation giving off the heat while it cools the room.

Outside, this heat produced by the air conditioner has no impact on the room; the compressor runs less and electricity consumption is reduced. The noise level is also naturally less annoying. For more comfort, a kit sold offers separately, using a remote control, to control the device from the inside. This system still has some constraints. If its location is poorly chosen (for example, if it is in direct sunlight), it may switch off or go into the safety position as soon as the temperature is too high.

 In this case, it will have to be returned to the housing while it cools down. And, like mobile splits, these models require a dedicated space (balcony, terrace) where their noise level may disturb neighbors. However, we can bet that products of this type will develop in the years to come. For Installation, look for expert technicians

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