A Complete Checklist to Having the Best Student Housing

Did you know that Australia is often voted as one of the most preferred places for higher education? Of course, you knew that! Despite the top-class education Australia promises, students from all across the globe find themselves limited by options. To be specific, Australia has 43 world-class universities.

However, did you know that the competition to get into one of these 43 universities is extremely stiff? Thousands of aspirants appear for their entrance exams every year and those who fare well have a promising future ahead. However, the future ahead also depends on where you stay. Thus, you should always make sure you do the house hunting job right. Nowadays, you can also get property leads online. Visit website to know more about such online platforms.

You may need to hurry up, considering Australia’s limited range of colleges. Most university dorms and halls are full, and the best accommodation option may be gone too soon if you don’t act quick. However, luckily for you, we have compiled a list of things you need to ensure before you move in. Read on:

1) The rental terms and finances:

Needless to say, this will be one of your first criteria when you are looking for a house. However, rent alone is not what we’re looking for. There may be some hidden charges or over-the-top expenses that come along with the property. For instance, electricity bills, gas bills, internet bills – if these are not included in the rental cost. You may also be required to pay additional maintenance charges. So, it is always important that you enquire about these costs before you move in, and furthermore, you should ask about the payment terms of the rent.

Does the landlord accept online payment or is it going to be a cash or cheque payment? How long does the contract stay valid for? In case, there is a deposit involved while moving in, how and when would it be given back? Make sure you have enquired about all the nitty-gritty of the property before you move in.

2) The location and the locality:

Considering you’re new to the city, the ideal location for you would be a place that is not so far from your University/college. In case you cannot reserve a spot immediately close to the university, your next best choice is a locality that is very well-connected via means of transport such as a bus, a train, a taxi. Public transport can save you a great deal on the commuting cost as well as time.

It is also important that you enquire about the locality that you are moving into -is it a student-friendly area or they would rather have only families? Have there been any recent crimes in the area? What kind of reputation does this neighbourhood have? It is always important that you ask your landlord about this. we also recommend you do your own research and you can always reach out to a local police station to enquire more.

3) Your roommates:

In case your applying for a dormitory or a hostel, be prepared to share your space with other people. These are the people that you will be sharing your room and your life with, for the next 3 to 4 years hopefully. So, while a roommate may not be on the top of your list as you’re looking for a house, it really is an important criterion.

Now, we know that you cannot understand a person before you have actually started living with them, but there are a few things that you can understand about them even before you have started living with them. For instance, if your roommate is working and you’re a student, there may be a clash of lifestyles. You may not be comfortable moving in with someone of the opposite gender; it is important you understand for yourself what kind of roommate are you willing to shift in with.

4) Basic amenities:

A lot of student rentals, in an attempt to be swanky, offer amazing facilities such as a gymnasium, indoor swimming pool a recreational area, etc. However, don’t let the glitter of these facilities cover-up for the actual gold. More than these other add-ons, you would be needing a steady 24/7 internet connection, a great security system, 24/7 availability of drinking water and electricity. So, do an enquiry about this basics before you get persuaded by the complementary facilities.

5) Food availability:

There is a reason why we did not put it under the cloud of basic amenities. Freshers out there on their own for the first time are definitely going to struggle with food. Some get homesick more than usual because they are missing good quality meals. In such a case, it is very helpful if the property has a self-cook pantry or even better, a public cafeteria for the students.

Either way, there should be an option for the students to get food outside the property. If the property is located in an area where there are a lot of food outlets, restaurants, etc, it is one less worry for you. Of all the other things, your health is the most delicate thing that has a risk of going down when you start living on your own. So, do not undermine your food choices and keep your lifestyle healthy.

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