5 Noteworthy keys to becoming an efficient manager

In a world that is constantly bustling with new ventures and young entrepreneurs, what sets you apart? While anyone could intend and even attempt to be a leader, a few get the art of leadership mastered to perfection! So, to help you plan and perfect your management skills, we have jotted down 5 noteworthy keys to becoming an efficient manager. Read on.

1) The art of criticism:

As a manager, one of your core responsibilities is to bring out the best from each one of your employees. That is easier said than done, considering the path of progress is paved by constructive criticism and not everyone takes criticism well. But as a manager, you need to communicate the loopholes.

How do you do that without coming off as arrogant or unwelcoming? It’s quite simple actually, make it a point to acknowledge the strengths too, every time you mention a weakness. Reward them on a personal level, and for that, you don’t have to spend exceedingly. An honest appreciation of their achievements in front of all their peers could be encouraging too.

2) Set an example for them to follow:

You can’t expect your sub-ordinates to follow the dress code of the workplace if their boss shows up in casual pyjamas and flip-flops. If you want people to be punctual or hardworking, you would have to practice your own preaching. Subconsciously, the human mind looks up to its leader for inspiration, always remember this!

3) Time Management:

The key to becoming a good manager in any aspect of life, be it personal or professional, is efficient time management. Not only do you need to rightfully assess the time each of your tasks would take, but you also need to deliver well before the deadline strikes.

A good leader also knows how to manage time between professional and personal matters. If that is a grey area in your management skills, then you should enrol yourself for a modern and effective management program that can groom you into a better manager.  To know more, go to the website of such professionals who offer courses and programs!

4) Clear and honest dialogue:

As a manager, you are required to be the mouthpiece of your organization’s vision. You need to communicate the vision to your employees. Moreover, you are also required to be their spokesperson and representative in front of higher management. You would need to listen to their grievances, suggestions, and offer them a practical solution for each.

Sometimes, you may even be required to escalate the matters to your superiors. To ensure smooth and clear communication both ways, in both the scenarios, you need to be clear, transparent, and firm in conversations. Moreover, good listening skills are a must if you are to truly understand and help people.

5) Financial Management:

When finances get mismanaged, businesses derail. To ensure your business sustains itself and registers profits, you would need to be vigilant and monitor your expense. This is particularly necessary for entrepreneurs just starting out. Do not leave your finances for other people to handle.

You may have the help of a CA or an elaborate Accounts Dept. even. However, until you take the financial matters into your own hands and understand them, your business would stand on fragile grounds. Above all, remember a true manager is self-motivated and doesn’t quit easily! So, as difficult as the going may get sometimes, keep going!

We hope this article helps you understand the various aspects of management that a manager needs to perfect. However, at the core of management is the ability to listen to your sub-ordinates and genuinely try to help them. As long as a leader works to serve, they would continue to lead effectively. Effective time management requires that you at first know how are you spending your time. And the best way to figure that out is to use a time tracker like Workpuls which will allow you to see just that.

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