4 Skills that will help you to win more money from the blinds

If you have a solid strategy from the blinds, it can have a huge impact on the winnings. It is a fact that you will lose in the long term from the blinds. Here, you will be compelled to commit in a lot of money on the pot than the hands that you can deal with.

Even the strongest players cannot turn a profit if you want to add in the blinds’ positional advantage and account for the rake. There are four 4 strategic adjustments to be made to improve the play from the blinds and boost the overall win rate.

Skill 1 – Steal more frequently from the small blind

You can open raise a wide range of hands and steal the dead money in the pot more often. This is one of the simplest ways to reduce the losses from the small blind. Stealing at a high percentage exploits a widespread tendency among the players to overfold the big blind.

Use a larger raise size from the other positions when you attempt to steal from the small blinds. The size of a proper raise is 3BB. You can make stealing more profitable when antes are in play. However, it depends upon the size of the ante.

You should also understand that stealing is an exploitative strategy and can change the game plan if the player in the big blind adjusts properly.

Skill 2 – Defend you big Blind more often

As discussed earlier, many players fold too often from the big blind. Never be one of those players. Try to get the price you get on a call and defend a fairly wide range of hands from the big blind. It should be of less equity than you need when calling from the other positions.

When you need to pair your pre-flop adjustment with the assertive pre-flop play, you have to fight relentlessly and win every pot. You cannot win more money just by defending from the big blind. Take the help of the Poker QQ websites to learn more through their tutorial helps.

Skill 3 – Avoid Donk – betting from the Blinds

Donk – betting happens when the pre-flop caller leads into the pre-flop aggressor. It is a strategy used by many weak players when they are connected with the board in some or the other way. It occurs when they want to bet their hand for value or protection. Donk – betting can make the pre-flop caller worse.

Skill 4 –Check Raise aggressively when possible

A check-raising range will help you win more pots and avoid playing too passively. There are many advantages to using this strategy and also highly recommended in the tutorial of the PokerQQ website. They are

  • If your opponent is c – betting with a too wide range, check-raising forces fold from the bluffs and the marginal hands can help.
  • Check the raising forces for the majority of your opponent’s value – then bet range should be played as a bluff – catchers.

The very important thing to be noted about check rising is that it should be done on board textures where you can have a sufficient number of strong value hands. This will allow you to include enough bluffs to balance out the range and check-raise aggressively.

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