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10 Elements To Add In Your Office To Get New And Swanky Look

Gone are the times of cubicles with uncomfortable chairs and tiny tables! Offices today are better-looking, and you could get a step ahead in the race towards a state of art office by introducing these 10 elements to your workspace:

Accessorize as per your client needs

According to Gerson Lehrman Group, a more collaborative or client-friendly office can optimize the performance of their employees. They did experiments based on their theories by fitting a coffee bar and installing glass-walled cubes for the meeting.

Now, because employees could see their clients in the cube and around the coffee bar, their over-all efficiency improved. The simple psychology here is if you can see something, you adapt as per it. Isn’t that interesting? For more interesting interior design solutions, you could also take the help of professionals such as Advantage Styling.

Adjustable desks

More than 75% of offices in the world make use of adjustable desks. This increases the efficiency of the employees by providing them with sufficient flexibility. Moreover, it also radiates a more-friendly and relaxed vibe than an office full of stiff furniture.

Get the right colours

Your office environment has a great impact on the enthusiasm and the overall mood of an employee. Colours have a huge role to play in that. Colour psychology explains the impact of different colours on the working performance of employees. For example, the yellow colour makes an energetic environment; whereas white colour makes a peaceful environment, and so, there are different colours for emphasizing different moods. Different tasks need different skill sets, and therefore, for different workplaces, the same environment can’t optimize the work efficiency and productivity of an employee.

Flexible seating arrangements

Laverty, the founder of Interior Design Fair, considers it a good idea for companies to change the desks of employees every month. She believes it encourages creativity, flexibility, and productivity. Plus, as their locations change, they get to interact with more people among the organization, thus, making more professional connections.

Simplicity is the new trend

Less could be more if planted strategically and confidently.  Make the basics strong and let them glitter as though the gold. Over-the-top arrangements and a heavy-on-props space can get messy and hard to clean. So, a minimalistic approach is on the cards for the low-maintenance kind. Whichever approach you choose, it’s always okay to demonstrate your logo as boldly as possible; after all, it is the face of your business.

Comfort the roots of the company – the employees

An employer should choose designs and accessories that comfort the employees. A safe space, where that could release their stress, could also help them improve their productivity.  A swanky office includes a comfortable workplace for its employees. In Japanese offices, there is a nap room made for the staff. It is acceptable for employees to doze off for an hour or two to rejuvenate themselves. You could make a provision for a Yoga room or even a nice spacious balcony to enjoy your coffee in would be great.

Do your research

Research means choosing the right option from the variety laid down by your employees and the interior designing experts you are consulting with. We recommend you choose an ergonomic-friendly office structure and make the most of trending designs.

Unconventional materials

Why choose common, when uncommon is so swanky?

Unconventional material choice allows you to be actually unique in a world that’s the same old boring! Unlike conventional materials which possess only limited fixtures, uncommon is the new trend. For example:- reclaimed wood, plywood, and vintage posters are a few unconventional materials that can redesign your office.

Stand up workstations

Sitting arrangements can offer the employee physical comfort, but standup workstations are found to boost productivity. Sitting for too long on the same desk may create health issues. Moreover, for the employees working overnight, sitting arrangements may even lead to reduced productivity.

Connect your office with nature

Another trend capturing the corporate sector today is biophilic design. Designers believe that human mind and nature share an unbreakable tie, which affects our work performance too. Therefore, introducing nature into the workspace could prove to be an amplifier of productivity while also giving your office a look makeover.

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